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I am 37. My egg retrieval was on 05th June (14 days ago) and one egg is fertilised (3 follicles, but  1 healthy egg) On 3rd-day embryo divided into 6 cells and had ET. From the day of egg transfer, I had Progesterone virginal gel 2 days a time in addition to Progynova tablets 6mg.

Day 9 when I try to insert gel, I noticed a little bit of pinkish blood on the applicator and thereafter I noticed brown colour discharge with gel. And also I had periods pain.

Day 10 I am having sneezing and cold.

Tomorrow I am going to have my blood test. I am so nervous.

Please help!
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Hi everyone.these forums are new to me this is a first for me anyway here goes...
We had ivf second lot one child from first.I had 2 embryos put in with a frozen embryo transfer.I bled on day 8 and also through to day 11- present 1 week today.mild period pain cramping one day after transfer.Pregnancy test on day 14, faint positive but noticeable.hcg done day after came back as 69 was told its fine.I knew it was low  progesterone 17.second hcg 2 days later 18 was told I'm having a miscarriage.I tried to say could I be losing a vanishing twin was told no.they Wont take any more hcg tests,no u/s nothing.I have a belly that's expanding at 4 weeks.now would be 4 weeks 4 days.not sure what to do.I'm on ivf climaval and progesterone and was told to stop treatment yesterday when told I was miscarrying.I'm thinking I have lost a twin and one is still inside so have kept going with the climaval and progesterone just in case .has anyone else had this? Would love there still to be a baby in there.
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I am far from an expert on this, but I have known a few people who have had IVF and of course I ahve heard a number of stries about it. What I have discovered is that the first attempt is rarely successful and second attempt is often viable. But like anything else in life, it is a gamble. I wish you the best of luck.
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Thank you.pm our first ivf attempt we were successful but I had 19 massive folllicles that when they took them out I took a turn for the worse and got admitted to hospital with severe ohss.was in there for 2 weeks.was told there's nothing else they can do for me as my liver and kidney and all vital organs were failing.had to have a cut to leak the fluid out of my belly as it was being stored and wouldnt come out.eventually started to get better and when we were out of hospital found out we were pregnant.beats me how the baby being our daughter held on.one day after transfer,being sick all the time,couldn't eat Anthing,couldn't drink water.was so I'll.but she was a fighter and she is now 21 months old.although my pregnancy wasn't brilliant I was ill for almost all of it .she was born one day after eda after being induced and she weighed 7lbs 4 oz :)))  
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It sounds like implantion bleeding...good luck and keep us posted
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Implantation bleeding for this long ....2 weeks on Saturday.have noticed since yesterday its got more from the dribble it was before and now clots with a thickness to it
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