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IVF and your outcomes

I am on day 6 post transfer of 3 day 3 embryos.  I am 43 and am wondering if anyone out there has had similar situation and baby or babies????
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I had a 5 day transfer with two 5 day blastocysts, I am 34 and dealing with secondary infertility and I got a positive pregnancy test 6dp5dt.  So that would be equivilent to 9dp3dt for you.  I was very crampy.....that was the only symptom and wasn't sure if I should write it off as stimulation pain or if it was implanting.....

I had one take and I am 6 months pregnant.  I don't know what I would have done without MedHelp, so I try to get on here and help as many people as possible with their fertility issues!  Good LUCK!
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I had a day 3 transfer with 3 embryos at age 35.  I have a daughter now  :)
Good luck!
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I had 5 day transfer of 2 blasts and have a son who is 18 months. I conceived naturally when he was 1 and am 6 months with a girl.
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How many days past transfer did you have those sweet cramps?
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My first cycle - fresh - I had 2 3 day embryos transfer - that cycle did failed.  Second one I had 3 3 day transfer frozen - and I am 28 weeks along with a little girl.  about 6 days after transfer I had what I thought was a UTI - went to my family dr who did blood and urine preg test - both negative so he could prescribe me meds...went to my RE 4 days later for the blood test to see if cycle worked and it was BFP!  Good LUck
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