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IVF in January

I wanted to start a thread for people starting IVF in January.  I'm already on birth control and doing the catheter trial next Friday.  My doc says I will start the Lupron shots on Jan. 20th.  Anyone else in the same boat?
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Oh I wish I was there but just had a D & C....It will prob be late feb for me.
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Im starting lupron on day 21 which would be the 14th,, I did my hydosonogram Monday,,,, Go to my injection class tomorrow the 8th,,,, We will see

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I probably start my Birth control tomorrow. Had a blood test today. So my nurse will call and let me know if I can start tomorrow and after 3 weeks will start Lupron.
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I don't understand how you get to start already. Did you have a D&C.?  Your transfer was after mine.  My was orignally on 12/5.  Don't you have to wait two cycles to get back?
How far along were you on your m/c?  Sorry if it upset you to ask
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hello would love to join you ladies.  cycle started today. will start luperon on day 21.  
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Good luck with the start of IVF!  Is this your first cycle?  We go in tomorrow for our "medicine/injection lesson" and then Friday is the Catheter Trial.  Next week is the official start!  I am so nervous b/c I am terrified of needles and there are obviously going to be a lot of them!  Thank goodness for my DH...he's going to have to get me through this!

Kricket212, I'm so sorry about your loss.  The good news is you got pregnant though...do you think you will try again as soon as you can?

Enough2356, you're right behind us, keep us posted!

Babydust to everyone!
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I just got my date will sart Luperon on Jan. 28.  
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So, we had our shot training yesterday and i thought it was very overwhelming!  Mainly b/c I am so terrified of needles.  My husband gives me allergy shots (which I still hate after 3 years) so we brought one in for him to actually "train" on me with.  The nurse decided he could give it to me in my stomach so we would see what it was actually like.  It hurt and it's really sore today.  My pants and shirt keep hitting it.  I'm going to try my thigh next week when we start b/c this is really uncomfortable and I can't imagine doing it multiple times a day.

Any suggestions to help?  I know I'm a wimp, but I don't want to be this stressed out about it every day!  I just hate that I can feel it...it makes me think of the needle every time.
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Hi I am jumping in late into this thread. I was not sure if I would be starting this month or in February, but as of Tuesday we got the thumbs up from our RE that we would start once my period shows up which by my calculations will be Jan 23. I am to call the office and go in on the third day.
I got my list of meds I cannot believe my eyes...I like allgood427 cannot not even look when I see a needle much less give it to myself. I've taken fertility meds before when we attempted the IUI but I had my sister give me the shots: 2 shots a day once in the morning and then in the evening she would give them to me on my butt and yes it hurts. I found that if I thought about it too much I would tense up my muscle and it hurt even more, try to relax, breathe and then massage gently.

This time around it seems that I will be taking meds all day long.
May Iask what meds you guys are taking?

Our 4 IUIs failed and I've had 3 m/c one every year for the past 3 years. We are praying that IVF work for us. We are doing to have the PGD done as well to make sure that everything is fine with the embryo. In the process of all of the test that I've gone thru we found out that I carry both mutating genes of MTHFR which I guess puts me at an even higher risk not only because of my age and m/c history but now MTHFR. RE feels we will be ok since I do have a 16 year old son from a previous marriage.

Well ladies good luch and may 2010 bring us many blessings.

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It's 12:30 pm , Just waiting for the Nurse to call me back to see if I start my Lupron...It's funny how I use to look at the posts and be completely confused on everyone starting this, and happy for their period to come...Now I know the feeling. I spread out all my meds on the dresser upstairs ,, and got nervous,,,I just hope my progesterone is a normal level.

wish me luck.. and baby dust!!!

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Hey I'd like to jump on this thead. I just started my bc pills last week and spoke with IVF nurse yesterday. I have an u/s scheduled for Jan 31 and will start stims that day as well.  My nurse ordered my meds, should arrive on 20th.  It a little boring right now just taking the pills , but i know things will heat up once I have to take the shots and such.  My nurse said the my egg transfer will be around Feb 8.  I was happy to hear that because it will be earlier than I thought.  I'm really excited like everyone here.
allgood, claud9, babycries - good luck to you two.  *****baby dust to all****
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weclome to all the new post.  I use to be scared of needles untill I realize that this is for a good cause.  I can only say that it will get easier once you get started on the shots.  you be able to do the shots and keep moving.  good luck to all.
I start Luperon on Jan. 28 so right now I'm just reading and waiting
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Thanks for the encouragement everyone!  I am just waiting for Wednesday when we will start the Lupron injections.  

To Claud9, I will do the Lupron for about a week and then when my period arrives, I will slowly start adding the super ovulatory drugs.  I'll have to look in my box to tell you exactly what they are, but I know I will be getting 3 shots (Lupron, Follistim, and one other) as well as wearing 2 patches that I'll change every other day.  
Around day 10, I'll have the trigger shot and then we'll start Progesterone shots after that until 6 weeks preggo (if it works!)

What are you taking?

Good luck to all!
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yes i have already started my meds, taking Menopure 450/day. this is my 2nd IVF.First one was not successful.
wish everyone all the best
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Greetings Everyone!!!

I'd like to join the chat if I may? I started the Lupron shot's last Tuesday 01/12/2010, my IVF Coordinator had me stop taking my BC this past sunday (01/17/10). I'm kinda scared only because I keep hearing stories, and how people have to go through IVF a few times before a positive result, and right now the only thing scary are those shots I gotta give myself. So far it's 10units of Lupron in the A.M's, then starting this weekend coming up, I start the follistem shots, so it'll be 2 shots (Lupron & Follistem) 2x a day. WOW! ...The calender they gave me show's egg retrieval for Feb. 3rd. Now I got a question, is there a difference as to when the eggs are re-planted from day 3 to day 5?
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Here is the list of meds that I got my dr said that I should start most meds on day 3 of AF:
Cetrotide 0.25mg and 3mg, Doxycycline, HCG 10,000, Vivelle dot patch, Luveris, Dexamethasone, Citranata Assure, Baby Aspirin, Progestrone, Medrol .

I am waiting for my meds to arrive today and I am waiting for AF. I can't wait.

I hope we all get BFP and healthy pregnancies. I will be doing a 5 day transfer.
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Glad you could join us!  I will be about 6 days behind you...my retrieval is tentatively set for Feb. 9th with a day 5 transfer.  I start Lupron tomorrow and then will add Follistim and Menopure after a week.  I'm also taking Baby Aspirin and an antibiotic.  Will do the patch and Progesterone after retrieval.

To answer your day 3 vs. day 5 transfer...the easiest answer is the older the embryos, the more mature they are, which gives them a greater chance of survival.  At day 3, your embryo only has about 8-10 cells, while a blastocyst (day 5) has 64+ cells.  Here's the definition i found:
Definition of a blastocyst - an embryo that has developed for five to seven days after fertilization and has developed 2 distinct cell types and a central cavity filled with fluid (blastocoel cavity).

Also, during normal conception, on day 3, the embryo is usually still in the fallopian tubes and the uterus isn't quite ready to "house" it.  By day 5, the uterus is ready for the embryo to start hatching and then implant into the uterine wall.  For this reason, most RE's like to grow the embryos to day 5 b/c the environment is kept more like the fallopian tube, then it's released into the uterus when it's ready to accept it.  Because the embryos have reached the blastocyst stage prior to transfer, its reasonable to assume the embryos are capable of implantation

Another reason of growing embryos to the blastocyst stage in the laboratory is to deliberately weed out the embryos that do not have the genetic potential for continued growth.  

Of course, there have been many successful day 3 transfers, but I would find out what your RE is planning to do and would encourage a day 5 if possible.  

Hope this helps :-)  

Here's to BFP's for all!  
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Wow sounds like day 5 would make a difference! :) Wow your only a few days behind me, on egg retrieval :) Are you anxious too :) hehe... I'm at the moment just taking Lupron, Baby Asprin and Prenatal Vitamins, this weekend coming up tho, I guess I take more meds, I was told all shots have to be int he belly (Lupron, Menupar, Follistem)--ouch! As it was I was too chicken shhh to give myself Lupron, now I gotta get courage for the other two lol.

I spoke to the IVF Coordinator, she said they tentatively have me scheduled for Feb. 3rd, and that depending on that is whether its a day 3 or 5, that everyone is a bit different. So I guess Im going to have to wait and see ... I'm a bit excited ... So I guess next week on Monday I need blood work and then the doctor calls me with what time's to give my PM shot's (Follistem and Menopar) followed by when I have to go in to get a sonogram/ultra sound, sounds like theres a lot of those involved lol. I also asked what their 1st attempt success rate is, they informed me that it's an 87% rate, yey! I have something to look forward to, but I wont keep my hopes up until I get a positive preg. result :) Gosh 2 week for egg retrieval sure does seem like forever! I'm glad theres a discussion we can all talk about this as we go through it :-) it sure helps.
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Anyone taking the Lupron get side effects yet? Meant to add that on my last post but forgot? :)
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Just started Lupron this morning....I am so excited/nervous/scared...I just can't believe it's finally here!  We have been battling with infertility for 2 years so to finally be doing IVF, it's overwhelming!  I truly believe that this will work for us and that makes the shots bearable!  87% is awesome and much better than the 2-3% with other things we have done.  I know this will work for us and we'll all be bouncing cute little babies on our knees by Christmas!

I had the choice of doing the shots in my stomach or my upper thigh area.  Last week, we "practiced" with my allergy shot in my stomach and it hurt!!  I think the main problem is that area is so sensitive and, it's right where your pants rub all day...so it keeps aggrevating the spot.  We did the Lupron in my thigh this morning and, while it still doesn't feel great, it's better.  Not sure what we'll do when there are 3 shots, but for now, we might stick to the thigh.  Ask your RE if that's an option if the ones in your stomach are sore.  Do you have someone who can help you with the shots?  I know there are lots of nurses who will make the rounds after work, giving shots to friends.  Sometimes it's helpful to take that stress off yourself and just be the pin cushion :-)

I am taking birth control, Lupron, baby aspirin, and prenatal vitamins right now.  Since I just started the Lupron this morning, no side effects yet, but I would be curious to hear other's take on it?  The birth control has really affected me!  My boobs are huge (well, compared to the nothing's they were before ;-)) and I've had lots of trouble with nausea and sleeping.  I started taking it in the morning to see if that would help and it seems to be.  

Let me know how the shots are going for you!  And, I'm anxious for the egg retrieval!  
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How come I didnt get Lupron? I am a little frustrated that all of your IVF treatments are nothing like mine, and everytime I mention it to my RE she tells me to stop reading on the internet, but percentages win hands down and I am a little urpped to say the least!!!

Please advise

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Hi all!
I'm a little further along than most - started on Jan 1 with a 21 day start using Lupron (i got this b/c my MIS test showed a good egg reserve.. at 39, didn't think I'd need it). I found those injections easy - it's so little liquid you have to inject in. My belly started looking bruised when I had to do Gonal F and Menopur! Blech, a lot of liquid to inject. Was easy enough. From all the blood tests, though, my arms were beginning to look like a junkie's!
I really didn't have any big side effects - just occasional night sweats. Am taking Progesterone now so boobs a bit sore.
I had my retrieval on the 12th, got 28 eggs of which 22 were fertilized. Used ICSI. Had enough that they waited for a Day 5 transfer (only two, please!) which I just had on the 17th. Was lucky enough to have an extra 10 good blastocysts to put on ice, so I can lay off the major drugs for a few cycles. It's funny, I fully don't expect this work - I did IUI 4 times plus we'd be TTC for almost 2 years, so wondering what's up. Have my blood test on the 27th, fingers crossed!
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Just want to say Super Good Luck to All! I too will be doing IVF Jan/Feb, I start Lupron on 01/25! :)
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GOOD LUCK!!!!!  That is so exciting they were able to retrieve and fertilize so many eggs/embryos!  The 27th is only 6 days away!!!!  You have to keep us posted on the results!  I feel like the retrieval/transfer is so far away at this point and am counting minutes to just get it over with and *hopefully* see that BFP!  Thanks for the info...28 eggs is amazing...did you hyperstimulate with that many?  How was the retrieval?

To  nichumangel, I'm not sure why your RE didn't put you on Lupron, but I'm sure she has good reason.  She is right in that no two cases are alike, but the fact that she won't explain to you why she chose your specific drug protocol is a little unsettling?  Seems like she could explain and the you would feel more comfortable with your process.  That is one of the reasons you are paying so much.....

Cwolf1006, you are only 5 days behind me!  Good luck!
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