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If you are currently pregnant or have children, Did your CM dry up after O and return a few days later? If so how much later?

Well, here's what is going on. I have an 8 month old son and DH and I are TTC #2.
this is month 2 for us. Since having my son, due to tremendous stress (not anymor but for the first 6 months) my period's have been a bit unpredictible. they range from 29-36days. so there's a week gap in there...

This month things are a bit different. We've been "trying" without really trying.. basically I wasn't temping or anything other than monitoring CM.
...I'm on CD 16 and am nearly positive I ovulated on CD 12...

Well normally my baseline temp EVEN in late evening never goes over 98.4 or so... it's been about 98.7-98.8 the last couple days.
Also, I was reading about how CM changes when you ovulate. I haven't been experiencing EWCM since having TJ but I get VERY VERY abundant watery CM around when I think I ovulate.

So 4 days ago I noticed my CM get watery and 3 days ago it was so bad I needed a panty liner (well actually I didn't have one so I shoved some TP in my undies) It was the worst it's been in about 4 months!
then yesterday and today my CM is really tacky and thick..... So I"m pretty sure I ovulated. We BD'd 4 days ago and again 2 days ago...

So I wonder,   (since I don't remember what exactly happend with my son when I conceived him other than it was 3 days before ovulation)

After you ovulate, does your CM dry up and get tacky again only to get more abundant and watery several days later?

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