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I'm a little confused about my ovulation and BBT??

Hi everyone!!! ok, I just started charting my BBT in the last week and a half. After I started charting, I had just gotten off of a 2-week round of BC. My obgyn put me on Loestrin for 2 weeks trying to postpone my ovulation bc my hubby works 14/14 and I ovulated when he was gone. So here is the center of my confusion! I just charted all of my temps on my FF and the calendar says that I am on cd29, and that I am not predicted to have af until Oct 11. Actually I am due next Wed, Sept. 23. My BBT has been in the 98's for 9 days, but I am not sure what is going on with my body right now!!! Is it bc of the bc that everything is so messed up, or could I actually be preg?? Any answers or advice would be so much appreciated!!! Thank you all so much, this site has helped me through some tough times!!! Baby dust and prayers to everyone!!!
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if you just came off BC, your body may be wonky.
some folks ovulate right away, others have a few weird cycles first....
i'd test when you think you are due and go from there :)
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Thanks so much! We are hoping maybe all the wonkiness is caused by me being pregnant! But I guess that's what everyone ttc is hoping for! I will post when I know!
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