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Im only 33 yrs old with strange menstrual cycle

Hello, im new to this forum looking for guidance and advice.

Lately, since Sept 2007, 2 or 3 times a months (especially near towards my periods i would wake up in the night with slight moist between my breasts.
Q1. Are these night sweats?

Also, i have been extremely worried and stressed about this and twice int helast 2 months i felt a great warmth around my head.
Q2. Is this called a hot flash?

My last 2 period went onto 7 days. Normally my periods last for 3 days and then have brown discharge until day 5 or 6. But this time i noticed that very slight discharged continued until day 7 and on day 7 i even had very small fresh blood.
Q3. Is this called irregular periods?

I also noticed that this month i have not ovulated. My cycle is has been regular, occuring every 24 days ( give or take a day) and i always experience abundant cervical mucus mid cycle. This time i have not seen any cervical mucus.

My main query is that am i experiencing premature ovarian failure or even perimenopause.

What tests can i do to determine my fertility status.
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Not sure how to answer Q1, depends on what you consider night sweats.  Q2, warmth aroung your head doesn't sound like a hotflash.  I have been on a medication that induced a temporary menopause complete with hot flashes and my whole body was hot.  It felt like I was in a sauna.  Q3 Irregular periods are usually changes in cycle length.  Length of bleeding can change.  I actually asked my Dr about this and he said that some months can be lighter/heavier or longer/shorter than previous months.  And that a women's cycle can change with time.  Q4 it is possible to not ovulate one month.  I wouldn't say from any of these symptoms you are experiencing premature ovarian failure of permenopause.  If you are concerned you should have your hormone levels checked by your Dr.  Day 3 FSH and estrodialand then a progesterone check 7 days after your suspected ovulation-usually it is Day 21, but with a 24 day cycle it could be sooner,  
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