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Immune Issues & Repeated IVF Failure

I am in the 2ww for my 4th IVF, my blood test is tomorrow. I KNOW I am not pregnant, although I did get symptoms about a week to 10 days after ER, then they completely went away. Now I feel my period is on it's way. Thing is, I read about auto-immune issues causing implantation failure/repeat miscarriage. I have never been tested for this, but as there seems to be no other explanation I wonder if this is my problem? Is there a test? What can I do? My RE just says "you have good embryos, good lining etc etc but we don't know why it didn't work, you can try again". This will be the fourth time it's failed... last time I had an early mc. I am seriously questioning whether my body is killing the embyos before implantation or shortly after. Can anyone suggest anything, I'm at my wits end.
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I got a negative beta today :(  Again...
Please comment if you have any advice on auto-immune disorders as a cause for failure, I would be grateful for any help.
Thank you and good luck to you all
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I take lovenox and prednisone to treat immune issues and blod clots that could cause a mc. There are lots of labs that can be run to screen for immune issues. You may want to try PGD to see if there is a gene you carry that is causing the miscarriages.
Best of luck to you Blue!
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Hi there,im sorry for ur loss.. i know its frustrating when u have a feeling that ur own body is rejecting the embryos...i know exactly how u feel...i had gone thru 3 iv's and 1 fet in 2 yrs and i always knew something was wrong w me... i did lot of researches in regards all my symptoms and what could b the cause. I did found a lot of info in regrds the immune, nk cells, thrombophilia, etc..

i did talked to my RE in regards what i found that match 100% of what i was going thru w my losses and my RE said exactly the same they told u..ur embies/ lining are perfect it just wasnt ur time..WTF!! my re refused to do any futher testing so i decide to get a new re...

My new re did a entire panel of weird test and one of them was the thrombophilia panel...and for my luck..i have single g-20210-a mutation inmy blood that causes blood clotting and separation of the placenta, cause miscarriage and pre term labor(lost my baby boy at 15 weeks due to ptl and sch)

after all the denials from my old re of any possible reason of my mc's..finally did found the reason of why im losing my pregnancies after 4 days getting a dark positive test...

This month im starting my fet cycle and im taking baby aspirin..prenatals..estrace..progesterone vaginal + progesterone in shots.. and i will add the levonox(small dose of heparin is a blood thinner) after my fet transfer...

Im hoping and praying this time it work cuz its not easy to lose ur most inspiring dream due to not being monitor correctly...i recomend u to have ur re do lots of weird testing and hoping u will find the answer u need.

Wish u luck on ur next try!!
sending u hugs in this horrible momnts u going thru!! xoxoxox
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Thank you so much Ginger and jessy_fernan for your replies, they have been a great help. I will discuss things with my re when I see her next week.

Ginger - good luck to you on your difficult journey towards motherhood.

jessy_fernan - I am so sorry to hear of your loss, it's just so heartbreaking. I'm wishing you lots of luck with your fet cycle, I really hope that the treatment you have this time will pring about some happy times for you. I shall be watching out for good news!

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Turns out I have some antibodies that may be causing problems... I'm preparing for a FET and will be taking Lovenox after the transfer. Fingers crossed this'll make a difference...
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Praying for the best!!
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