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In vitro side effects


Sixteen years ago we went through in vitro fertilization and thank god we know have two wonderful boys.
Four months ago my husband was diagnosed with Non Hodgkins Lymphoma and someone told us it might be related to the in vitro fertilization treatment. Please I'll appreciate any information you can give in that regard.
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I am not an md but I simply do not see how your dh's Lymphoma can be related to what he had to do for ivf.
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I agree w/Helen.. I mean all he had to do was produce a sperm sample in a cup.  In no way could him producing said sample give him cancer.  
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I'm so sorry to hear about you husband. I have to say though that there is no way invitro could do harm to your husband. Unless they did it differently 16 years ago than they do today. I really doubt it though. The men have the easy job of the invitro-and that is to provide a sample.
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The good news about lymphoma, it usually has a great survival rate. Hopefully it's been caught in time.
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I have to agree with the other ladies. I don't believe IVF caused your husband's condition. I pray that he will have a speedy recovery..

Question - Did he have to take any meds or go through a special procedures?
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