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i have been diagnosed with polycystic ovarian syndrom. can i still get pregnant?
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Yes you can. I'm 23yr dx when I was 17 and am now finally pregnant with our first.  Its more difficult and may require a mix and match of medication to see what works for you but no matter how long your ttc journey something will work for you. For me it was 5 rounds of clomid with a combo to metformin for the last 2 rounds. If you're like me and irregular and the clomid starts giving you regular AF take that as a huge step in the right direction. I've also heard of femara working for PCOS women, and some times more invaisive proceedures are needed. If you have any questions for me just let me know :0) SSBD!!!!
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PCOS just makes things a little harder to get prego. I have met several women on here and around me, who have PCOS, and are prego now, or who have healthy KIDS. There are several medications that may help women like us with PCOS to get prego and have a healthy child. I am on my 5th round of Clomid, and my doc just gave me Metformin to combin with Clomid. I am 23 years old, and was DX with PCOS when I was 16. I feel prego last year with my son, carried him for almost 7 months before I m/c. I would say if you are TTC see a RE. So they can help you get on a healthy diet/life style and, maybe they will put you on Metformin or Clomid to help you start with your TTC journey. There are several support groups on MEDHELP that are wonderful! And they are always there to vent, ask questions, and we may not be doctors but we all have the common dx of PCOS. Good luck!
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Absalutely! I have PCOS and I just found out in Jan. And I have been trying to get pregnate. You just need some help from meds. I am taking provera, metformin and clomid. My PCOS makes me not able to get a cycle on my own. which means I dont ovulate on my own either. So I need the meds to help. My sister has PCOS to and she has no problem with her cycles and got pregnate on her own with no help. So everyones PSOC affects them different. Just remember theres hope no matter how it affects you. Good luck!
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I also have PCOS... dont ovulate or get AF on my own. I'm lucky if i get 1 AF per calendar year. Clomid and Femara did not work for me.. i need something much stronger then that because all my follies were less than 12mm. This month i'm on Follistim/Ovidrel/Timed intercouse. I hope this is my month!!!!
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There are different "types" of PCOS, so to speak... In my case, I don't get periods and don't ovulate on my own AT ALL, but other women do, just not regularly. It is much easier to get pregnant with PCOS if you do have some kind of cycle, though. It took me a full year of fertility treatments, 1 cycle of Clomid, 4 failed IUIs with injectibles and finally 1 IVF but I AM pregnant, starting my week 15 tomorrow :) It may take a while, but I can tell you it definitely makes you appreciate things more once you succeed. Best of luck :)
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Hello dear! I'm so sorry you have to go through long ttc. I know exactly how it feels. I’m 33, married, no kids. I was diagnosed with PCOS 5 years ago. We have been trying to conceive for 8 years already. We've tried literally everything and nothing helped. I'm always stressed and feel miserable. My husband supports me but I try not to spill all my feelings on him. This situation is hard for both of us. Coming here and talking made me feel much better. I hope you will feel it too.
I'm avoiding all of my friends. All of them have children. They always talk about them. Recently I went for a dinner with my friends and later I regret it. The reason of this was one of them announced about her pregnancy with her third baby. She didn't plan it and I doubt if she really wanted this baby... I'm really happy for her and I wish her all the best. But again I'm asking "why this is not me who is pregnant?" Later I found out that one of my ex-friends will have her second baby with a man who made her to do a couple of abortions in the past. I'm not judging. I just don't understand what have I done to deserve infertility?
I have regrets about telling my friends about my TTC. People constantly asking me if I'm pregnant and now the question I hear the most is "did you changed your mind about having kids or what?" because I'm still not pregnant. Those questions are driving me crazy. I want everyone to leave me alone. I want everyone to stop talking about children. I'm not mad at them. I am mad at myself.
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Yes, you can! Try some improvements to the life style.
Have diet with foods rich in zinc content to ensure better maturation of egg and sperms.
Take adequate rest.
Drink plenty of water.
Be in regular monitoring and follow-up with your treating doctor/gynecologist and report any new/abnormal symptoms immediately.
Incorporate exercises in daily routine to promote weight loss to be in ideal weight for height range.
Maintain low fat and low carb diet.
Good luck!
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