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Hello everyone.

It has taken me 3 years of pain and tears to finally be referred by my gp for a laparoscapy. Think is I am scared to death because I know it is endometriosis and the fact that it has taken me this long to get here, it could be too late. I am 27 years old, been trying for a baby for 3 years...and I can feel myself sinking into depression. My sister and brother both got pregnant this year which I can not deal with, seem so unfair. Any advice? :( xx
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I'm so sorry that you've been trying for a baby and it hasn't happened. It took my mom 9 years to conceive my brother though she was told there were no underlying issues and it took less than a year for me to come along (it was 11 years later and she was 46 at the time, with an IUD and wasn't planning on having another child due to her age at the time, I was a surprise!)

I tried for a few months to conceive to no avail, then my husband told me he was having second thoughts about children...a whole different bag of issues on that one. I wish you luck and hope that you're test goes well.

Hang in there, it's touch, especially qhen those close to you are conceiving.

Stay strong!
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Hello dear! I know exactly what you're talking about. In our situation this is really hard not to lose hope. Many times I was thinking about giving up. My husband and I have been trying to conceive for 8 years. 5 years ago I've got to know that I have PCOS. During this a long time I've tried so many treatments and medications but nothing gave any results. No one understands what I'm going through. Everyone is getting pregnant one after another. All they do is talking about children. I isolated myself from everyone because they just don't get how hard it is for me. Recently I met my old friend. It turned out she also faced infertility. I think it was destiny that we met after a long time. We can talk for hours, not only about our infertility struggles. I feel like she gets what I'm talking about. She understands and she knows exactly how I feel. Also this board helped me a lot. People here are very kind and supportive. I hope you will also feel better. I wish you all the best with your ttc!
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Hi, love! I'm sorry you have to face this! My ex partner and I TTC for 13 months without success. He has a kid from a previous marriage. He refused to see a Dr and we finally broke up over it. That left me 37, single and desperate for a baby. Now I'm 40 yo. Together with dh we decided we want a baby. It was high time to begin looking at ivf treatments. Tests showed nothing but a low amh (10.8). So apart from being old (40), and fat (!) there's no explanation.  
Currently passing ivf with overseas clinic though it took time to get there. A big factor also - needle phobia which I had to overcome somehow..I had my dh to do injections for me for a couple of days, then got used to myself. So with my brave face on we just keep on moving, though it's emotionally hard. Have you decided upon your further steps, if you don't mind me asking?
All the best x
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