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Information on how to start DHEA

I have read that DHEA helps in improving the quality of eggs and improves your egg count.
1. what dosage OF DHEA has to be taken?
2. From which day of the cycle DHEA has to be started?
3.Is it necessary to take along with  fertility drugs?
4. How long I have to take in each cycle?
5.After how many cycle you will find the result?
6. which brand of DHEA has to be taken.?
7.Is it available in all pharmacy?
8.what are the side effects?
9.How the egg quality improves in  induction of fertilization.?
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Hi there
Just want to let you know what info I got from my fertility doc...

25 mg of DHEA - 3x daily

it takes a few months to really kick in... so hang in there.

I was also told that my egg quality is bad and we were going to go to donor eggs or stop IVF if the 3rd try didn't work.

I took it while waiting to do the 3rd IVF (first 2 failed) - was on it for 4 months and got pregnant naturally in 2008. Started it again last year and became pregnant again after 5 months without IVF or any intervention.

Best wishes to you all!
ps - I think it also helps to do acupuncture with this and I took extra B vitamins too.... hope this helps!
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Hi there, I have read your comment on the forum regarding the use of DHEA.  It was
posted a long time a go and I was wondering if you had any success using DHEA?
I am currently taking DHEA 75mg pd.
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Dear desparado,

Thank you very much for your reply. My RE told me to take 25 mg for 3 times each day. I just started taking it a few days ago after I failed my 2rd ivf. I am 43 and I got only 4 eggs during egg retrieval. All were fertilized but I did not get pregnant.

I wonder whether you continue to take the DHEA after the embryo transfer??

My RE said it is OK to take it but I fear that it will affect the pregnancy. Another ivf cycle is coming up and I just want to be careful.

I just cannot find much information about how people's experience in DHEA. I am very grateful that you responded to me

Thanks again for your help.
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I WAS pregnant but I miscarried. I'm sure the miscarriage has nothing to do with the DHEA but I still believe the DHEA helped me get pregnant. I don't think the follicles increase from DHEA I think it improves the egg quality. Talk to your RE if you have one and check out the DHEA website. Good luck
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Dear desparado,

Glad to hear that you are pregnant after taking DHEA. Can you tell me whether the number of follicles increases after taking DHEA?
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I was told about DHEA by my RE. The first clinic never even mentioned it as an option but I started in November 2007 and I got my BFP in Feb. I do believe it helped because I was told my egg quality was poor and even with IVF my chances were slim. Well I guess God and DHEA were in control because I am pregnant.

Your specialist should reccommend a dosage because every woman requires a different dose. i was on 25mg 3 pills a day I am also 40 and have fibroids so maybe that's why.

I ordered them over the internet I paid around $90 for 4 months worth. A small price to pay for a BFP. SOme side effects may be hair loss. I haven't noticed but then again I've been so preoccupied with getting my BFP that I wasn't noticing much of anything else

Good luck. Oh yeah search DHEA.COM thers's some info there.
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