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Instant BFP!!!!!!!!!!!

Well ladies have been waiting two long years to say this..... BFP!!!

I am still shaking!!! Kelly and Tk, me and my dh sang your song this morning!!! Wow, this feels good!!!
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congrats to you for a healthy happy 9 months!...... may i ask what finally did it for you? xx
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Congratulations!!! That's so funny - I just got mine this morning too!!!  I remember talking to you about prog. therapy and everything!!!  See, we were both in God's plan for this month!  HH9M!
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yippeeee!!  I love to hear that!!  :)
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I'm sooooooo happy for you!!!!! I knew it!!!!!!!!! Congrats!!!
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What a wonderful think to wake up and see all these BPF congrats.
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This is AWESOME!!!
all these BFP make me smile and think positive!!
happy and healthy 9 months!!
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<---- doing her happy, happy, joy, joy dance for you!!!!!!!!!!
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Thanks girls!! I still can't believe it!! Now I am just praying that I don't mc like last year.

divalorri- I think it was the Clomid 100mg, the epo, flaxseed oil and lots of B6. Granted I did do this for the last 6 months, but this time it finally worked!!
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Now ya have to change your profile!!!!!!!!!!!
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BFP BFP BFP, CHANT CHANT CHANT!!! How much fun is this????, Super cheers!
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Oh this is great news.. congrats mommy you did it!!  Happy pg and think lots of happy baby thoughts!!  
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YAY!!! The bfps are flying this cycle!!! Congrats, Congrats, Congrats!!! Stick little bean, STICK!!!!!
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Oh congrats..that is such great news!
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Congrats!!!! This is so exciting, there is so many of us that got BFP's!!!!! I wish you a great pregnancy!!!!!!
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congrats!  i just love to see the bfp's on this board.
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I knew it!!  I knew it!!          Congrats!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Wow, looks like the BFP's are flying in.  
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Congratulations! I'm so happy for you, you've sure been waiting long enough. :)
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Congratulations!!!   You give me so much hope.  May the next 9 months bring you only joy!
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I'm doing the running man dance for you! ...Ok well in my brain I am! (I'm sick today)  Congrats!!!
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This is great news....yeah!!!!!
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