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Insurance for IVF

My husbands insurance does not cover IVF.  Does anyone know if there is any secondary insurance that covers IVF?  
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As far as I know, IVF is offered only thorugh group insurance coverage. We delayed seeking fertility treatment in order to get our insurance worked out first. My husband and I formed our own husband/wife group (he owns his own business, I went to work for him, he pays employee taxes on me). Our accountant helpd us with the paperwork. After we set all of this up we applied for group coverage. We did this in order to get maternity coverage, which is otherwise unavailble in Texas. To our delight we saw that we could select anf IVF rider. We weren't sure we would need it, but figured it was a definite possiblity, so we opted for it. It increased our premium by about 40%, but it has obviously long since paid for itself! I am so greatful we did all of this, even though it was a huge hassle. We even timed our inital RE appt to coincide with the calendar year deductible. As luck would have it, we actually did IVF and will receive prenatal care and delivery our twins all under one deductible (praying that everything goes well, that is). We call it our blue light special. LOL! Good luck in finding coverage!
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Here is a link for the states that have mandated feritliy coverage of some level.

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I think you just need to check around & she what is offered in your state.  It seems that each company can offer different coverage.  I work for the post office & have GHI which covers 3 IVF's & unlimited IUI.
My husband has Cigna insurance & we have a 30,000 cap on it for Any infertility treatments.  I noticed pol79princess said that she has no coverage from cigna so I guess it just depends.
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if you can find one... please let me know! : )   I do know alot of clinics offer a guarentee program.... so many tries for so much $.... that might be an option?
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I had Blue Cross through my husband's company, and now Aetna (also my husband's). They both have IVF coverage of up to $50,000/lifetime. My company offers plans through Cigna and there is NO IVF coverage there. I was in the same spot before trying to get individual coverage for IVF, and the few companies that I called said that they did NOT offer fertility coverage in their individual plans. I know Blue Cross was one of them.
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there are numerous ins that cover IVF. I work for an INS company, and some of the plans cover and some dont. Some depends on health history, while others just have really crazy high deductable. So when actually looking for INS companies, I would say also check to see if other methods would be covered just in case that IVF fails.
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