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Interested in YOUR Story!

Ok Ladies.... I was just sitting here thinking.... Please post how many cycles of IUI, IVF, FET you did before receiving your BFP.  Also, if your turned to donor eggs/embryos how many cycles.... I think it would help others and me that are still struggling to keep the Faith!

Can't wait to see your stories!!!!
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3 failed IVFs with my own eggs.
BFP with DE fresh cycle. Lost my twins at 21 weeks due to the high risk associated with multiple gestation. No other reason (so for those who hope for twins, don't forget it comes with a big risk).
Chemical pregnancy with DE FET.
BFP with second and very last (no more embryos) DE FET. I now have the most beautiful daughter in the world.

It is possible, please keep the faith. Having gone through a failed DE FET, I know it's very difficult to think the next time will work. But I am living proof that it happens! All it takes is one good embryo. Yours is out there and just waiting to get inside your uterus!!

Hugs to you.
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I did Four FRESH Cycles of my own IVF (never had any frozen eggs) I did one IUI & Finally on my 5th cycle of IVF with donor eggs I conceived my TWINS.
I read that you will have a transfer around Halloween & Just know this will be your "MAGIC CYCLE"   Trick or Treat...... :-)  
We are all supporting you!!  Everyone on this board loves you!!  HUGS!!!
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I did one fresh cycle and very fortunately, came up positive and am now a little over 10 weeks along....just had my third u/s which my doctor said looked great. Hopefully it sticks!  
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I am so glad to see that you are BACK!  

Here is my story:
My 1st IVF was done in 2007 it worked for me I got my BFP and I was not expecting it!  I thought it would take more than one try.  Because a doctor told DH and I that we would NEVER get pg.  DH had VERY low sperm count. Since it was so easy the 1st time that is the reason it took me two years to try again BIG mistake.  I have had a total of  3 failed IVF's.  I said this last one was my last worked or not.  But when I see my little girl so alone and needing someone to play with it breaks my heart and I ask God why can't I give her a brother or sister.  She is my reason for trying again.  If it was not for her I would give up and say I am DONE.  The plan was to start right up again.  But I decided to talk to my Natural doctor and he has asked me to give him 3 months to work with both DH and I before our next try.  So right now that is the plan we are both on natural medicine to help with this quality and quantity and to get my healthier we will also both do acupuncture.

Good luck
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Three years ago I did clomid + IUI + trigger and on the second try we got pregnant. My son is now 2.5 and a wonderful joy. I was told by my OB that it was going to be impossible due to adhesions. Proved her wrong.

I just got my lab results for our second baby try. Not good. AMH is very, very low--0.09. I'm trying to be positive but the little that I'm reading, looks like we would have to do IVF and/or donor eggs. Not sure what to think about this. Not happy but know that I am very blessed with my son. I'm glad it worked at least for the first time.
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Yeah ur back.............
Had 1st IVF ICIS - had to freeze embies due to OHSS
1st FET = BFP had my twins boys. in 2008
2nd FET = BFN in AUG 11
Tried this month naturally, doubt it has worked lol but had fun tryin ha.
If no BFP will startFET in Oct 11

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We are in the TWW of our second IUI. Both times clomid then trigger then IUI. First one didn't work and we should know by the end of the week if it worked this time. DH has a motility issue but postwash numbers were high so I'm hopeful. If it doesn't work then I think we may go a little more extreme. We don't exactly know what that means though lol. Maybe doing two iuis per cycle or talk about IVF. IVF just seems so costly!
Here's hoping we all get BFP this month!!!
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Just keep hope!  I have an unexplained cause of infertility and suffered 3 miscarriages in the past 2 years. I started with fertility treatments in January 2011.  I haven't had IVF but I have gone thru 4 rounds of IUI. 3 with clomid and 1 with injections.

I just found out today I'm  pg :)

I can happen....My fingers  are crosses and your in my prayers.....
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2 x IUI - BFN

FET - Waiting but expecting BFN

Keep going and stay strong. You will get there'!!!
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Looks like we will be transferring around the same time. ;-) Mine is 10/25.
I have tried IVF 2 times BFN's. Now Donor, on 10/25. Well see...

Best of luck to us all.
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I did IUI x 3 last year - all BFN
First IVF (fresh) no fertilization - cancelled
2nd IVF in April - only 2 eggs - both fertilized - BFP!!!! Now at 22 weeks.
Hang in there!!! It will happen for you!!!
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I love hearing success stories when I'm gearing up for a cycle too!  bring them on!!
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2010 (november):

2011 (august):
FET - BFP (september 9)
        - mild bleeding (september 12, 1am), spotting during the day
        - severe abdominal cramps then mild bleeding (september 13)
        - baby sac was seen and in good shape (september 14)
        - baby sac cant be detected (september 16)
        - baby sac was seen but shrunk and hcg went lower (september 20)
        - WAITING for september 26 for confirmation......

Im still hoping for a miracle....
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Thank You for sharing your stories !
I look foward to seeing more!

You are all right! We have to keep trying, and we can't give up.  Sometimes, we just start feeling so sorry for ourselves, we forget what that others have gone through the same, and sometimes, evern more.

Btw"  My story is  Never had a fresh cycle.  Did donor the first round, Dr didn't retrieve them in time, making them pretty much useless.  Did get pregnant on first FET (didn't due fresh cycle due to thin lining) but m/c'd.  Did 3 other cycles...BFN's.  (not suprised, eggs were way less then stellar, but had them, so used them).

Moved on to donor embryos...10 frozen embies....  Fist cycle, transferred 2 embies, BFN.  Doing second cycle Oct 2011...

I hope more share there stories!!!
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Im so happy you are trying again.  Im hoping that my baby is still inside of me but if not im definitely with you on October....
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Did one round of IVF w/ ICSI in May 2010 (hubby & I originally thought our first steps would be IUI, but after lots of sperm analysis & testing on me, it was determined he had not so great sperm on everything, so ivf w/ icsi was our only shot). Transferred two eggs & received a bfp on June 8, 2010. Delivered b/g twins on December 24, 2010. Still have 21 frozen & possibly in the future (5 years or so), we may go and try again.

Good luck to each and every one of you in your journey. I hope each of you achieves that ultimate goal in the end! :)
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It took 3 IUI's for me to get my BFP. I have PCOS, so my only problem before fertility treatment was not getting mature eggs and not ovulating on my own. Because of the injectibles, I had great eggs, perfect lining, ovulated, and DH had amazing sperm counts, and we are both young and healthy. For whatever reason, though, I got BFN's the first two tries, but the 3rd time was the charm and we're having twins! So don't give up! Even if everything is going for you, it still doesn't always work, but if you keep trying, you WILL get your BFP!!
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4 IUI's all BFN

1 fresh IVF BFN

1 frozen with the last 2 embryos BFP!!!  We had no more money to try again. Just had the first u/s today and got to hear the heartbeat.  I am 6 weeks 3 days pregnant.

Praying for many, many more BFP's for everyone on the forum!
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These are great stories! Keep them coming!! :)
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Hello its nice to see you here again. I think you know my story but here goes a short version:)

4 iui and all bfn:(
1st ivf bfp but was ectopic lost my tube on Christmas day!!!!
2nd ivf bfn:(
3rd ivf bfn:(
4th ivf bfp but was chemical:(
5th ivf BFP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am currently 17 weeks pregnant!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

You have always been a good friend to me and all I can say is DONT GIVE UP HOPE!!!!! God is with us..... You gave me great support during all of my ivf cycles and I too have been watching yours here on the forum. I read your posts and comments even though I havent written in a while. Thank you for all of the help you gave me in my struggle to become a mother.

Please my friend dont give up and follow your dreams until the bitter end.
You will get your BFP just keep trying and do as I did and not let a month go by without doing another cycle.

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Hi Everyone...

4 - IUI's all BFN ={
1 - IVF I'm in the 2WW beta 9/30/11...  3 day transfer {2 embryos}

I'm praying this will be our month...

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Glad to see you back.

i have done 4 IVF cycles, first try BFP  with twins, lots the first one and 8 weeks and second on at 26.5 weeks.  
Last three have all been BFN.
Not sure if and when we will try again, but hang in there im sure you will get your BFP, i have got everything crossed for all of you.

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Wow, all of these stories are amazing!  It is amazing what struggles we have endured.  Our journeys are each unique and none are without hearthache and pain. Our tears have been many, it seems.   I am so glad we have each other to lean on and to help pull us through.  

Keep the stories coming ladies!!!!!

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our story is a struggle with a happy ending:



2001-2006 ~ break for us! (and I went back to college and got my BS)

1 IVF - chemical pregnancy

1 IVF - chemical pregnancy



1 IVF - BFP!!!!  (did a strong protocol with steroids)
due 05/20/12 :)))
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