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Is 30mm follicle too big?

I had a 5 day treatment of chlomid. I have just had my last follicular tracking scan. How long will the follicular stay that size before I ovulate?
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Hi, I'm going thru the same thing 32.4mm in size. What was the outcome?
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Wondering what happened.  What did your doctor say?
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Sorry only just seen your response.
I asked questions to the nurse doing the scan and she just said to have intercourse that night as I was ovulating.  It’s 6 days until the period is due and did an early clear blue test this morning which was negative. So feeling very sad today. Will do another one in a few days time but not holding much hope. No point really ringing the doctor now I should prob just wait until my appt. But yes I feel nothing has been explained that well I’ve had to do a lot of googling which sometimes make things worse. Will have a list of questions for next appt xx
Ahh, honey.  I know the ups and downs well.  But you may have tested too soon. The soonest I got a positive was at 4 days before my period was expected.  Have you tested again?  Let me know, okay?
Did another negative test today. Period due around wednesday. Will do another if period is late but looks like another round of chlomid is on the cards xx
Argh.  Hang in there.  It took me years.  But two kids later . . .  you'll get your baby.  Don't worry!
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You should ask your doctor but the follicular phase likely isn't longer because of clomid.  Clomid just allows you to release more eggs to enhance chances of conceiving.  So, the normal follicular phase lasts from first day of your period until the day you ovulate.  On clomid (or otherwise), the best way to conceive is to track your cycle, begin having sex on day 10 of your cycle and do so every other day for the next 10 days (longer if you have a longer than average cycle).  okay, that wasn't helpful.  ha. I see you are asking really a different question.  You have a follicle that is big in size.  Mostly, clomid is used to get women ovulating.  Now, if you have hyper stimulation, "too many eggs" in a cycle, they tell you to avoid trying that month.  Normally, the increased follicle size makes you release the egg for ovulation. The 30mm size is large.  I'm sorry about that.  That may be problematic.  What does your doctor say about that?  Unfortunately, I don't think that is a viable size of a follicle for pregnancy.  Let us know what happens.  Trying to conceive is a roller coaster and I apologize for all the info you didn't really need in this post.  Someone else may be helped by it.  (I hope).
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Thank you for your response. I don’t have an appointment with the doctor until the 22nd. I’m sad to see 30mm is too big. Feeling a bit stressed about the journey ahead :( but your response is appreciated x
Ah, I didn't mean to discourage you.  Talk to your doctor about it.  When you got the results, did they say anything about it?  Personally, I'd call them and ask.  They need to explain these things better!  They have nurses to talk to you if the doctor doesn't do it himself.  
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