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Is anyone starting IVF in October 2008?

I was looking for others to communicate with during my first IVF cycle.  I will begin Lupron on Wednesday October 22.  I went through 4 failed IUI's this summer.  I am 34 years old.  I have a daughter who will turn 3 next month.  She was finally conceived after almost 4 years of ttc and a laparoscopy for me and varicocele repair for my husband.  I have all my medications sitting here waiting for the next month.  Our embryo transfer should occur the week before Thanksgiving so we should know if we're pregnant by Dec. 10.  I am excited and hopeful, but realistic.  I know this procedure only carries a 50% success rate for any given cycle.  Any others out there starting IVF soon?  Add me as a friend and we'll keep in touch!
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Depends who you ask.  I was SUPPOSED to be listed as IVF as of 10/7, but somehow the miscommunication in the office doesn't have me properly listed.  

Am about to explode.

Hoping everything gets straightened out.  

I started Lupron & Estrace on 9/17 and stopped on 10/7 - itched like heck, and still have remnants of it I guess in my system.  I started Follistim on 10/7 at 75, but have only produced one follie that is now 19.3.  Today there was alot of confusion in the office as to what was going on, so I sent emails left & right out to the people/doctor to make sure everything is in line correctly.

I still can't believe they lost information on my being IVF this cycle instead of IUI.

Good Luck!!
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I have my appointment on 10/24/08 friday to get started on my First IVF cycle. This will be cd 21 for me so i am not sure if i will start meds on friday but i hope it is soon. GOOD LUCK!!!
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Hi ladies!  It's good to hear from others going through the same thing.

Tracy, how frustrating!  As if it's not frustrating enough!  Did they give you any sort of schedule?  My place mailed me a schedule with all the dates, even the approximate date of the embryo transfer.  I bet you are about to explode.  I would be too.  You'll have to keep us posted as to what happens next!

Lil-schelle:  Good luck!  My meds are being started cycle day 24, my cycles are about 32-34 days long.  Let me know when you start!  We had to take a class and do bloodwork, STD testing and semen screens before we actually got the prescription.  Have you done all that as well?  

I will certainly be posting my progress on here!  Keep me informed of your progress!  Lots of luck to both of you!
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i think we have done all the testing possible and then some.My cycle are 28-30 so maybe i will be starting meds friday i hope so.Good Luck and keep me posted!
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Good morning!  I don't have an appointment today due to the confusion on Saturday.  DH is climbing the walls to find out WHEN...I keep telling him I will know when they know.  I would think they would give me some kind of schedule too, but they didn't, and when I asked them for info on IVF they said they didn't have any and don't give any out..??..

I got a response from the insurance nurse I emailed about it all and she said replied with "I forwarded your email to the head of the IVF nurses and the ivf nurses themselves so I hope that helps".  

I hope I don't get into hot water for emailing them and complaining.  What do you think - too harsh:

I'm a little concerned that there is miscommunication in your offices, and since I have been through two other RE's, I would hate to have any more time wasted in my limited TTC journey.

I was switched to IVF on 10/7 and all was confirmed with IVF nurse.  It obviously is not mentioned in my file???

I was in today for BW/US - a nurse called me back with the results (she is a regular nurse and NOT IVF...??..) - Est=179/Proj=.3/LH=4/FSH= 9 - 19.3 follicle

I called back immediately since I missed the call when she left a message.  When I called the front desk back to talk to an IVF nurse, I was told to leave it in the IVF mailbox.  I had a return call from IVF Nurse 3:12pm- She didn't have my chart in front of her, and didn't know what day I was on and said to just "keep on stimming".  I tried to tell her I am not on day 2 but on day 14, and there is an obvious lack of communication in the office.  The nurse who did the ultrasound said it looked like they'll probably be doing the IUI on Monday - I told her I am NOT IUI, but IVF this time around, and she filled in that I was on Lupron, and IVF.  There was no evidence in my file of IVF?????  I came back after receiving the requirements for IVF with my Husband's semen and urine for testing, and have gone through my series of tests ~ all of which the results should be in my file..??..

I have again been told to come in on the 20th for bloodwork.  This is fine, as long as Dr. agrees with the results.  

Is there ANY WAY to confirm everything with Dr., instead of relying on the obvious miscommunication in the offices about my status/procedures????  I don't want to ruffle any feathers, but after going through three IVF clinics, and having this happen, I am a bit upset.

ANY/ALL help you could POSSIBLY provide would be MUCH appreciated.

I hope to get a prompt response to my questions!!"

Nervous ~ TIA!!
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I think your email is honest.  I think any woman ttc understands, as should the clinic.  They clearly dropped the ball in your case and we'll hope they have time to pick it back up again and get you going during this cycle.  I would keep calling and ask if they read your email.  You have every right to have two way clear communication.  So you are expecting egg retrieval today, is that right?  And they thought you were having and IUI?  I would be so frustrated and sad and angry all at the same time.  I hope things start looking up.  I will be thinking about you!  I'll check in later today for an update!  Good luck Tracy.  So sorry this is happening.
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I started Lupron shot last Friday.   Had one IUI failed in Aug.  Due to my age and one blocked tube, doctor and we decided to do IVF right away.  I'm expecting AF end of this week so next week I'll start IVF cycle officially.   So nervous already.

Glad to find I can share/communicate with you all.  :)  Let's keep in touch.

GOOD luck everyone.  
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I got in for the BW/US today - will get results back later - Folly grew to 23.6, and the nurse said they should tell me to trigger tonight and have the ER on Wed/Thursday, but it depends on my bloods.  I was concerned they have my follistim so low at 75, but many others have said it's because they're trying to produce one excellent egg instead of alot of lower-quality eggs.  I guess that makes sense.

I did get in touch with the insurance nurse, who spread my email info around on Fri-Sun, and when I went in today they looked like they were on their toes..Cool!!

Fingers crossed!!

Thanx!....  How is your cycle going?  What is your schedule??
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BW/US - 23.6 folly - Est=336/Proj=6/LH=10/FSH=9

Going in for egg retrieval on Wed Morning.  Don't know if I should be scared or excited.  So nervous.  So many questions.  Was told to do HCG shot @130am - DH is looking forward to shooting me in the arse -  had nurse laughing on the phone.  Was told to BD tonight - get BW tomorrow - eat/drink anything I want all day until midnight then the ER will be on Wednesday @915.

OK girls ~ those who have gone through this - as the time is approaching (being my first time) - I am getting nervous as hell.  

I will definitely be getting a nice wine tonight & tomorrow before ER.  I read I am allowed to have wine up until the ET, that it helps build the lining.  The nurses at RE confirmed it - Pom juice or Red/Merlot wine.

Went to acupuncturist today - and she recommended me to get some "balanced greens": Chlorella, wheat grass, etc...said Sun Chlorella is best - then she recommended "Monavie".

I have read on here about wheatgrass - (when - how much - before/after ET???) - but not the other greens.

Does anyone know anything about them..??..  Could you possibly let me know???

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Everafter:  Hello!  Good to hear from you!  So did you feel different taking the Lupron?  Any side effects?  I have my first shot Wed night.  I'm sure the needle isn't as bad as the progesterone needle is going to be!  I'd still rather receive a shot with my eyes closed than have to give one and watch it go in!  I don't think I could give one to myself or someone else!  Good luck to you!

Tracy:  I'm glad your follie grew!  I've also heard the same that you'd rather have a large good one rather than smaller ones.  That's great!  I'm so glad they have you back on track.  I thought about you several times today!  I know you'll do great for your egg retrieval.  Everybody I've talked to says it isn't bad at all.  You'll do fine but it's totally normal to be uncertain and scared about the unknown.  I'm sure you'll wonder why you were worried after you're done!    Enjoy that bottle of wine!  Awesome that they recommended it!  I'll definitely do that as well!  I'm not sure about the wheatgrass but I take Monavie and I really like it.  Keep us updated!  I'll say a prayer for you.  
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Good morning,  (9:10 am EST here )

wanna_be_preggers - I had injectable IUI last time, needle wasn't bad as the first time. :)

Side effect...  nothing much other than I'm very tired (not sure because of the shot or not) and pain on my right side of ovary like one of preggnet symptoms.  You know how funny I was?  I did hpt yesterday of course it was BFN. When my husband looked what I did, he was speechless  =P    The reason I did was I didn't take BC pill this month becasue the nurse mentioned we can avoid being pregnant naturally without taking pills.... So we just tried to avoid doing anything while ovulating period. But I had ovary pain and crazy thinking was getting eating on me.. so I tested... so  pathetic!!!

Tracy - lots of  good luck  and keep us posting.  :)  Btw, is it DAY14 or 15 when you'll have ER?  and which day you'll have an implantation?  for my clinic, they'll do on 3days after ER.   heard some do on 5 days later.  not sure which is better.  

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How funny!  You peed on a stick!   I thought about doing it too because we're not using BC and they told us to.  Wouldn't that be our luck to get pregnant "on our own" right before the IVF.  Those darn pee sticks are so tempting.  We could all take a nice vacay with the money we've spent on them!  

So I take my first Lupron shot tomorrow!  
Tracy~enjoy your wine tonight and good luck in the morning!  We're thinking of you!

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Yesterday's BW results:  Est=321/Proj=1.6 /LH=42/FSH=18/BETA-75 -

I was told I am scheduled for ER today by one nurse, then another called and told me it may be changed to an IUI because it seems like the egg was released from the stats..??..WTF?

Do you think it will be converted - or do you think it will go as planned..??..I had until midnight to eat/drink anything I wanted but then NOTHING ~ uuuggghh..gonna be difficult for someone who needs to eat every 2hrs from metabolism  -  gonna be a royal biatch today for ride to RE with DH I can just tell...!!...:}

I get pains each time I ovulate, and haven't had one yet (but don't know if it's because I was on suppressants before using the Follistim, etc.).  Still have alot of pressure in my ovaries, so hoping everything is still in tact.

Now to get through w/o food until afterwards - IF I can eat afterwards....from what I've read you can't keep anything in your stomach.

I'm having ER on CD19.  Haven't heard when they will be doing ET.

I am so nervous about everything being stopped for one reason or another.  We'll see.  Thanks again!!
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I hope your ovary didn't get rid of the egg!  I guess we'll find out soon enough.  It sounds like it's a flip of a coin, deciding what they are going to do.  I'll be thinking about you!  I think they usually do the embryo transfer about 5 to 6 days after the ER, according to my schedule.  Good luck.  I hope that egg is still in there waiting to be collected!  And enjoy that food!  I'm sending good vibes your way.  Keep us posted.
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Will do ~ leaving in 10mins....

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Got this in an email ~ "Ask the magic pen" - according to it - I'm getting ER today & I will become pregnant~!!~...HA!!!....WISHING....HOPING...!!!

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Really hope you'll have ER as scheduled. Will pray for you too. can't wait to hear from you :)

GOOD LUCK.............
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Just checking in to let you know I'm thinking of you!  Hope they found eggs in there!
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ER completed.  Follie 26.6 - everything "went excellent".  So excited, and nervous.  Will find out results tomorrow morning!!

Wish me luck!
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SO glad to hear everything was excellent :)   Really hope you'll have good result tomorrow too..  

How was the procedure btw?   Only what I can guess you must be very tired.    Take a good rest  :)    

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Oh did you get the lupron shot today?  how was it?
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tracy-glad your procedure went well.  let us know how many eggs they got!
I will do my lupron shot tonight about 9:30, won't be home until then.  I'll update you!  Good luck everyone!
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I'm in pain ~ feels like they used a hanger for God's sake, but will do anything to get the prize at the end of the rainbow!!  The anesthesia was great - didn't feel a thing until about an hour later.  I took 2 extra-strength tylenol as soon as I got out.  THen DH took me to lunch - had Onion soup (cheesy....comfort food) and a couple bites of an angus swiss burger.  Oh, and I also had a glass of merlot, since I won't be drinking ANYTHING after the ET on Saturday,.
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PS - they only got one egg.  Dr said he didn't want to produce too many and instead have a really good one.  Got my fingers crossed.

They asked if I wanted to do ICSI(..?..spelling..??..) and I said yes.  The Dr. said it wasn't necessary with DH's sperm quality though, and I said if they feel it's necessary that it's fine.  They said it doesn't give better chances of pregnancy anyway.

Time to do some more research!!...

Watching Cannonball Run with DD - she's never seen it - and I LOVE the movie - Farrah Fawcett was SO beautiful!!!
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