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Is it a Sign of Pregnancy?

Good afternoon ladies. I have symptoms of "something" i'm not too entirely sure of what it is. I don't want to assume its a pregnancy because it could be anything. Although the symptoms i'm having are very similar to a pregnancy due to articles i've read online. I have sore breasts, sharp/dull cramps in my lower abdomen focused on my right side, lower back pain also focused on my right side. The last symptom thats throwing me off and has me worried its something serious is the upper leg cramps in the inner right thigh. I've been experiencing all of these since last friday, so would make this day 4 of it. No nausea or vomiting, have been losing sleep over the leg pain and cramps together. Is this normal of an early pregnancy (earlier than 12 weeks) to have leg cramps IF its a pregnancy or am i experiencing signs of an underlying condition? I'd also like to add that i've been pregnant before back in 2010 but miscarried at 7 weeks, so the cramps are familiar to me and sore breasts, the leg pain is whats throwing me off. My period isn't due yet for another 2-3 weeks.
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Hi Honey,

How are you?
When we want to be pregnant we go through all types of symptoms.  Even when Aunt Flo is visiting me I have pregnancy symptoms.  

I thought that I had a miscarriage and didn't even know that I was bleeding after hitting severe turbulence on a flight once.  The doctor in the emergency room ordered a pelvic exam because I was bleeding so much.  I thought I was pregnant even though Aunt Flo wasn’t scheduled in for another week.  

I knew I couldn’t get pregnant naturally but still my body was acting as if I was.  After my fall I had bad cases of sciatica and tendinitis running up and down my left leg and Aunt Flo would be heavy that month.
I found out that my 4 and 5th vertebrate had a pinched never causing me to have spasms and cramps in my lower back. I was also very tired and sleeping a lot.  It was related to the fall.

I suggest you see a doctor.  Ask for a consultation, followed by an examination.  Write down everything that is bothering you and ask him to look in to it...

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I'm not sure about the leg cramps, but the tender breasts and cramping could be signs of pregnancy. However, I'm a little confused about your last sentence: "My period isn't due yet for another 2-3 weeks." If your period isn't due for another 2-3 weeks, you probably haven't even ovulated yet, and if so, it's much too early for pregnancy symptoms (as the egg hasn't even been released yet). Am I missing something here?
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I went in to the hospital yesterday morning because i started bleeding along with the other symptoms i listed. I tested positive for pregnancy, but it didn't show on the ultra sound, dr said its too early to see anything. The final conclusion? possible tubal pregnancy, possible miscarrige or just early pregnancy. I almost bet its a tubal pregnancy because i'm still bleeding, still in pain and have my doubts this is regular pregnancy because there is just too much bleeding going on. I sufferedd a miscarriage two yrs ago and wasn't experiencing this much pain AFTER a visit to the hospital. I was ordered bed rest for yesterday and today and have been asked to to report to an OBGYN tomorrow for more blood work to check my hcg levels to see if they have risen or fallen since yesterday. Note also that i didn't know i was pregnant until my test came back positive. I am so worried and scared for my life in a way because something is telling me something isn't right, that its a tubal pregnancy and there is always the possibility of death if not taken care of right away. So i AM in fact in early pregnancy, its just not a normal one.  
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I'm very sorry to hear about your pain and possible miscarriage/tubal. I've had two miscarriages myself, so I know how painful they can be...both physically and emotionally. Unfortunately, I have no experience with tubal pregnancies, but lots of others on here have gone through that. Best of luck tomorrow. Hoping for the best!
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