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Is it okay to use feminine wash after embryo transfer?

I had been ttc for about a year but have been married for 4 years. 5 days ago I did transfer 2 embryos and i'm wondering if I could still use feminine wash? Even before the ivf procedure i have been using feminine wash because i am prone to have vaginal discharge.
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No.  It's not OK after a transfer, though my doctor said sex is OK.  It's actually only marginally a good idea at other times ... it can upset the natural ph balance in the vagina.  Vaginal discharge is there for a reason, it cleans the vagina and keeps it fresh.  Putting something in there is not so useful, no matter what the ads claim.
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I wouldn't use it either. If you are dead set against discontinuing use I would call the RE and see if he gives you the 'ok'.  Most clinics that I know of would say no for the reason Annie Brooks pointed out (PH).
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