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Is it possible for me to get pregnant with my history and existing issues?

I'm a 34 year old woman. I've been trying for a pregnancy since 2016. I got diagnosed with endometriosis (symptomatically) in late 2017 due to extreme pain (every day), heavy periods, and other history, along with PCOS due to bulky ovaries. I didn't opt for surgery to confirm and managed to overcome the pain through a super strict diet. Fast forward six months and I surprisingly found out that I was pregnant in June 2018. Had a miscarriage at 10 weeks.
The regular pain went down for a while but eventually returned and in July 2019, I had a laproscopy for endo. They removed adhesions between my ovary and muscle wall, one uterine fibroid (out of 2), one small ovarian cyst, and concluded that I did indeed have endo (moderately severe).
Months of pills and diets and exercise later, I was told that I wouldn't conceive naturally and went through one round of painful and unsuccessful IUI in Jan 2020. Due to covid, everything came to a standstill, and I maintained a good diet and exercise to keep the pain at bay. Now, I have less pain, but no successful pregnancy. I finally got an ultrasound in April 2021 and the results are that I have an abnormally thick endometrial lining (about 4-5 mm thicker than usual), 2 uterine fibroids (one at 3cm and one at 1cm), PCOS, and one 4.5 cm complex cyst with some internal growth in one ovary. I've been recommended to get another scan in 3 months to check on all these, especially the cyst and lining thickness. Attempting to get an appointment with a gynac, but my concern is whether I should even consider pregnancy possible anymore or look into other options. Also a little worried about whether it could potentially be ovarian cancer.
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Hello and welcome to the forum. Thank you for the question and sorry for your worries.  I think once you meet with a fertility specialist you will have a better understanding.  The statistic is that only 5% of couples are never able to conceive with the rest being successful either on their own or through intervention.  So, I would maintain you hope. While you have a few different issues going on, please know that many women do and go on to have give birth to a child. You do have a complicated situation with these different problems coexisting.  I can understand your worry regarding the complex cyst and thickened lining.  However, your age is on your side.  Please let us know when you set up your next step as we will be following.
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Thank you! Your words actually make me feel a lot better. I'm hoping to know more in the next few months and have my fingers crossed :)

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