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Is my doctor wrong?

25F 5'5" 210lbs

I've had a not so great experience with my last gynecologist appointment and I would like some further information about my lab results and if I should see a different doctor to look into it.

I am 7 years post treatment for Hodgkin's lymphoma- chemotherapy (including alkylating) and radiation. I have recently had some changes in my menstrual cycle and new symptoms that were a bit worrying to me so I brought them up with my new doctor during my routine appointment.

My PMS has gotten way worse the last couple of months. I have also been experiencing symptoms like hot flashes, breast tenderness, fatigue and mood swings which at first I mistook for possible pregnancy but they have been going for over two months at this point and I have had my period throughout. Now I am concerned that I might be going into early menopaue due to my history and won't be able to get pregnant in the future, so I brought it up with my doctor. She said I was probably fine because I'm still having my cycle, but to be sure she ordered blood tests. I had my TSH and T4 free tested in February with my oncologist and they came back fine, so we ran tests for AMH, FSH and Estradiol.

I was about day 12 of my cycle at the time of the tests.

FSH- 5.2 mIU/ml
Estradiol- 177 pg/ml
AMH- 0.8 ng/ml

When I got my results I started my own research, naturally. My AMH is concerning to me from everything that I've read- but of course my opinion is uneducated.

I received a message from my doctor today that said my AMH was good and if after 6 months of actively trying to get pregnant I don't we can schedule an appointment with reproductive endocrinology. The thing is that I am not currently trying to have a baby, but do want one in the future. According to what I've read an AMH level of 0.8 is not good. I don't want to wait to have a baby and find out that it isn't possible any more because I've waited.

I have lots of questions and I feel like my doctor has given me a non-answer. Should I try and get further testing done? Is an AMH of 0.8 actually good for a 25 year old? Might it already be hard for me to get pregnant? Does this not indicate that I will probably be going into early menopause? If so, how long do I have? I am basically freaking out because having a baby is very important to me and I would like to know if I have the time to wait or not.

Please tell me your thoughts, thank you in advance.
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Gosh, I understand your concern. What about this? What about going ahead and scheduling the appointment for an info gathering appointment. From the specialist, if they say there is no sense of urgency, you may be able to relax. Regardless of wanting or trying for a baby now, it would be good to know if your current number indicate a future problem. It's an important enough question that I'd schedule the appointment to find out. Is that possible?
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Thank you! I so appreciate your response, I've posted everywhere I can find and I even paid to speak to an "expert" and yours is the only response I've gotten!

I have gone ahead and made an appointment with a family planning specialist but unfortunately I can't get in until August 4th and since I am a new patient I'm not able to call in with questions even though the doctor is in the same network, so I'm stuck waiting until then for any answers. In the meantime I will be trying not to worry and hoping the wait won't affect my chances, I know it's only a couple months.
I just wanted to check in with you and see how you are doing. Stay in touch.
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