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Is no bleeding at all on day 9 of transfer a good outcome ??? Please help

Hello ladies I’m on day 9 of transfer First ivf cycle prayerfully last. I made a mistake and took a home test yesterday and negative that was stupid of me to put that heartache on myself. Please just wait ladies for the blood test. I’m trying to stay calm go for my test this Monday
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I know it's tough waiting, honey. I'd also say it's better to wait until the official testing day not to be overstressed. Still it's too early to test. Did you do 3 or 5 day transfer? I think this might also make difference. I was really stressed during my first fresh cycle. I just felt better whilst cycle#2. I ate pineapple including core for 5 days after ET. I ate brazil nights for 5 days before. I relaxed as much as possible. Did reflexology and tried not to allow the stresses of work get me down. The only thing I didn't do was exercise. Honestly, I wasn't expecting it to work as 8 of our 10 eggs died by day 5. We transferred the remaining 2 grade b & b+ on day 5. Only 1 blast implanted. 2ww is always the hardest period. Stay well and strong. Have every bone in my body crossed for you x
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And as for bleeding absence. From what I've seen, lots of people have had bleeding and it may or may not mean anything. Some get pregnant and some don't. Sorry I know it's not an answer. Still we're all different. I guess no bleeding is anyway better than having it heavy. During my last successful cycle I took a home cheapie a day before beta. I got up in the morning and saw light brown spotting in my pantiliner. When I wiped I had some slight clotty/tissue type material. Sorry TMI, I know. Anyway, had been slightly brown spotting all day but no more tissue. Also had been crampy all day long. Of course, having been through this with the prior failure, I immediately figured all was lost.. I called my nurse. She said t was not true. And it might not mean anything. She said I had to wait for beta the next day and she was right. For me this 'bleeding' meant nothing. I got my bfp. But again this all is so, so much individual. So, stay well, I'm sure your joy is ahead. Take care, honey, and let us know some of your perfect news x
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I do think it is a good sign.  Sunnyday has given you good perspective as well. But I think things are looking good!  Come back and tell us how you are doing and what is happening now!
Hello ladies today I did have my HCG test unfortunately it was negative I am so depressed I just need time to process this. I do have 3 more eggs frozen right now and will try one more time At my husbands request I will follow up with you all on the journey thank you ladies for the advice I will be asking you all more advice once I start this journey again Blessing to all
so sorry to hear that,I have 3 frozen embryo also for another transfer,I will proceed once I am emotionaly and mentaly prepared as what my doctor advised me..hope you can over come your situation soon.
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