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I've lowered my fsh from 27 to 7.2 but slightly high testosterone

I've managed to lower my fsh from 27 to 7.2, i'm almost 42 with slightly elevated testosterone levels, i;m currently taking dhea total of 3 weeks and about 1 week before bloods/fsh test, shall i continue to take dhea as i know this can affect testosterone levels.  My GP sent me for bloods to see if we were eligible for iui, do you think i can still have the procedure3, they want me to re-take bloods re testosterone.
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I cant answer your question but was wondering about your reasons for DHEA and any side effects? I just had a chemical after 1st ivf where i responded less then planned (fsh is 7)My re suggested 3-4 months of dhea and then ivf again...how have you felt on it? Thanks!
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What is DHEA?  

Also, if you pop over to my post, you'll see a response about FSH levels (which I had read online) - it may answer your question....

Good luck to you both...

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How did you lower your Fsh? I was told the #'s are usually correct when first taken although they will flucuate..
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Dhea is a hormone that has recently been found to lower fsh, reduce miscarriages and  and improve response to meds..it is kind of out of the box but my RE has used it and had extremely positive results..i will take it 3x a day for 12 weeks before startting my next cycle..even though fsh looked ok ..i responded poor and had 2 chemicals in a row..willing to try anything!..
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Wow, I've never heard of anyone lowering her FSH by that much at this age, no offense :) But that's awesome for you! Good luck!
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Hi All

I hope my response shows up here, to be honest the main thing i can think if that's helped is me hitting the gym again, i tentatively started taking DHEA about 1 week before my blood test but was taking it religiously when i had the 1st diagnisis of fsh27, it did lower from 27 down to 11 then back up to 13 summer last year, after the 13 result i sort of gave up, i havent been on this site for over a year because i gave up.  I'm still drinking wine and (will stop after the Easter Brank), i'm also resuming taking Milk Thistle and Wheatgrass pills too, they did tell me on Tuesday that my testosterone is slightlyn high but didnt give me the range, i need to go back for another test for that but have researched a bit and apparently soy can help to bring it down, am currently nibbling on so many seeds i'm sure i'll wake up looking like a rabbit!  I found out about DHEA on this site, i'm wondering if this is causing the increasen in testorerone?  I dont have a hairy beard or anything so am unsure whether to keep taking it, a bit of a catch 22.  I'll keep you all posted on how  i progress, i'm not getting too excited by this result as i know hormones can fluctuate but you never know, wish me luck and baby dust to you all.
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