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Hello Ladies!

I start this thread to bring all of us into one forum to share our updates, thoughts, experiences and what not! My IVF scheduled for ER on 8/5 and ET around 8/10. Meds on the way to start lupron.

Wish me luck and also I wish everyone else good luck!
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We are doing a 5 day tomorrow, it is always doctor's choice of which day, and i have no control about it. Thank you both of you for your loving wishes.

Dreaming in pink - LOL about your acupuncture needle falling :) all i can say about acupuncture it "ITS EXPENSIVE".

Good luck for both of your next appointments.
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Good luck with your transfer!  How many are you transferring?  Hope everything goes well for you!
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I saw my RE today.  Everything on the ultrasound looks good!  Waiting for lab results to start my Stim.  We are switching of the protocol this time and I really hope it works!  Plus my RE told me about a new study where they watch progesterone levels throughout.  If it is too high then the lining in the uterus may be to thin and he will freeze all embies and wait a month for the meds to be out of my system and everything to be normalized.  Anyone else heard of this???
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i should be started my meds around the 23rd and transfer around sept3-8 the only thing i'am nervous about is the iv ;( that sucker hurts ..but this time my RE said he will reduce the amount of shots i have to take and take it slow also i included acupuncture ....
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The frozen transfer to my surrogate was last Thursday.  She goes in this  Friday for her 1st beta.  

This is the 2nd round with my surro.  She did get preg the first time, but after a week was no longer viable.  I have had5 rounds myself between fresh IVF's and FET's.  This is close to the last chance for a biological child and I am reallllly hoping that it takes.

This is the longest week ever!
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Robin-   I dread the shots and lab draws so much!   I have never been a fan of needles.  My husband has to give me the shots because i just can't get myself to do it.  Right now I am getting Gonal F twice a day and accupuncture 3 times a week now that I am started on Stims.  It is a lot of needles but hopefully it will all be worth it in the end!!

Tanzygreen-  Welcome!  I will be praying for your BFP!  Is your surrogate someone you know or did you go through an agency?  
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