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Hello Ladies!

I start this thread to bring all of us into one forum to share our updates, thoughts, experiences and what not! My IVF scheduled for ER on 8/5 and ET around 8/10. Meds on the way to start lupron.

Wish me luck and also I wish everyone else good luck!
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Hi ladies! I'm joining your forum thanks for jennydots14103 recomendation.  I'm not going thru IVF, but I'm doing an IUI cycle this week...most likely Fri/Sat. Good luck to all of us and lots of sticky baby dust!
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Hi, I think this is a great idea thankyou for bringing us all together, I have had my transfer last saturday and we find out next tuesday. We had 5 eggs that all fertilised and were going great on day 3 but as day 5 came all of them had stopped growing bar one. So they could not freeze any of them on the chance that this one doesn't work. It is a long and stressful process but i am hoping and  praying that my only little fertilised egg that made it to day 5 is a gold medalist and comes through to the finish line like we are hoping...
Good luck to all of us and i hope that it all works out for each and everyone of you... will keep you all updated as to how i go. I would love to hear of how you are finding the process and the 2ww....
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Ok so i just did a HPT and there is definately a faint 2nd line is this a good thing or am i just reading more into it as i have bloods on tuesday to confirm for sure????
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I hope the faint line gets darker with each day!  I know some girls on here that had a BFP with a faint line to start with.  Sounds like your one egg might be the golden one!  

So I am on Day 4 of Stims.   Doing Gonal F 225 in am and 187.5 in pm.  I had acupuncture 2 times this week.  The acupuncturist hooked up a little electrical simulator to the needles on my ovaries to help improve blood flow.  Well I think it worked to well.   I have major cramps and a very heavy heavy period.  Usually my period is light to non-existent.  

The good news is my ovaries are producing 5-6 eggs on each side and this time they are equal in size.  Last cycle my right was behind and my eggs were not mature at retrieval.  So I am hoping for better luck!  Just waiting to here back regarding my lab test today.
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Hi there - so you are almost there, wish you a BFP on tuesday :)

My beta is on thursday next week, a week from now. RE transferred only 1 embryo though we had 2 ready due to the fibroid :(.

So really nervous, no symptoms so far apart from bad food cravings.
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Good luck with your IUI :) We would love your company here.
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