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Journal to my son

All, I want to share this with you because, so far it has been such a positive experience for me, and I really believe it will have a powerful effect on my family and our relationship.    

For those who don't know my back ground, I had been ttc for 2 years and after a ruptured fallopian tube and 3 IUIs, I finally got pg with the son I had been dreaming about.  At 29wks I was put on strict bed rest.  A family member sent me a care package with a journal.  I didn't use it for my bed rest but instead, the day my son was born, I started writing journal entries to him.  I don't keep a "baby book" but I do include all his milestones and developmental details in the journal.  I don't write in it everyday, sometimes a couple times a week or sometimes I will skip a week or two.  I write to my son like I am speaking directly to him and imagine that he will have this journal long after I am gone..

Something you might consider doing when you get your bfp.. and if you already have children, it isn't too late to start...

Just an idea I wanted to share...

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That is great. I'm sure your son will love that one day. I to have a journal and I write in it from time to time to my family. Just what ever is on my mind and to who ever is on my mind. I have 2 teens so it's usualy to them. Some times to my husband as well though.
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I love this! Thank you for the idea. ONE day... when I get a BFP I am definatly going to do this.
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What a great idea!
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that is a great idea.
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hannah i started that with my son but unfortunatly lost track of it till recently so it only went to almost 2 yrs.  i wrote it to him as well.  i was reading it the other day and its the best thing to read how he made me smile or what he did when i fed him dinner ect.  
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your son will love to look back at those memories.  I did the same with my son and until this day he loves taking that stroll with me, from the hair locks, the belly button and first tooth we gave to the tooth fairy..LOL....you're a terrific Mom!
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