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June 2011 IVF

Any woman doing ivf now and on 2ww? I currently had three five day embryo transfer yesterday and given orders to bed rest till Saturday that's 8 days. On bed rest I can't help but to be nervous. I pray this works! This is my first ivf. After three failed recurrent pregnancies was told this was most effective.
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I'm not, but just wanted to wish you best of luck! I had two miscarriages before doing my IVF, and I now have a beautiful 1 1/2 year old daughter! 8 days of bedrest is a long time, though. I was only on bedrest for 24 hours and then took it easy for the next few days after that. But every doctor has his/her own protocol when it comes to IVF. I'm sure your significant other will take good care of you. Make sure he gets you lots of movies to watch!
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Wish you the best Emsecret. will wait to hear a BFP from you soon. keep yourself positive.

I start my second in this month; first one was cancelled as it didnt produce enough follicles.
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Thanks Ladies!!! Heather I hope all works out for
U. Ur so lucky to have one already ;0)
I have the hubby out as we speak in barnes and nobles Troubleshooting my e reader.
I'm sooooooooo bored all I do is eat. These progesterone pills make me hungry.
Babyhope thnk u! I'm sorry it didn't work out at first. Omg how r u on the shots? I was a beast very moody. Lol best wishes to u, stay positive.
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I was bad on shots too. DH gave me the shots; i cant inject myself looking at my body :)

I troubled him so much each time; in the beginning i used to cry scream and all that; once it even bled after the shot. slowly we found out a happy area which does not pain at all.

When my cycle was cancelled; first thing i felt was; is this the result after so many shotsssss???????

:) anyway; better luck this time.
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Lol I couldnt inject myself either. I had them done on my legs. Did u do that? The stomach I just couldnt bare.
Omg I can't wait till egg retrieval for u. Yay!!! I was awake for it and found it quite painful but fast. Make sure they put u to sleep.  The transfer was no pain at all. And I did acupuncture before and after. Amazing... A must try.
I hope all will go well for u.
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I'm sorry for the losses... That is such a tough pill to swallow...
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I am on 2ww wait also.
June 3rd had 2 FET  3 day, 7 cell.
I will send you lots of baby dust!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Today is your third day as well? Question what were your doctors orders on bed rest?
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I'm in my 2WW.  I had 2 great looking blastocysts transferred today, they were fresh.  We had one to freeze, and possibly more (will find out tomrrow/Wednesday).

Sending baby-dust to you all.
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Congrats stay positive!!!
Is this your first?
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Good luck Sally!!! This is my first ivf. Third day pt and I'm cramping hope this is good.
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im on my 2ww had 1 transfered on the 8th
goodluck to all
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hi just wondering how things are going
its been 1 week since transfer and my cramps now feel like period cramps.have u got this also
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Hi jlo all is well so far so good. Thanks god!
I'm 5w6d and two bambinos were seen in sono. I cramp here and there, I'm constantly in the bathroom peeing. My boobs r soar and I been sleepy. Any updates with u?
How r u? Any news?
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you give me hope.. i am in my 2ww had a 3dat ET 3 days ago.... did u feel anything before ur test? was this ur 1st ivf?
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Congrats to you and your family on this exciting news!  
I have just began ivf and am on bcp now.  I have an SIS scheduled for thus and start lupron injections next tuesday...so exciting yet very nervous.  Can't wait to post my great news of BFP in abt 6 weeks or so...
congrats again!

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