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LaDies of AGP WoRking IT OUT...

ALriGht My LaDies...Let's work this ThaNg right on out! ;o) We gon be GurLz no Matter...hang in & let's do the dang thang! ;o) LooK at this Room Full of those Secret Recipes of RSSBD mixed by Kele & Tijuana (who added a lil' sumin'-sumin' special in the mix...) just floating around getting into ALL our secret hiding places...it's All good...we can always splash water it out of our eyes so we can see later, but we definitely WiLL leave it in those SpEciAl places! (ha)

Smooches LADies...

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BTW: Don't forget to check out that last entry on AGP Train Thread...I want to make sure my gurlz get all that love I sent out. ;o)

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Savanha,  I just read your post on the last thread and I'd really like a little bit of whatever it is you're on!!!  Put a bit of THAT into the mix and we'll ALL be sporting quads in the next few weeks!!!

Ladies, I hope you're all doing great.  I'm still feeling a touch out of whack.  I know I need to be happy that that a**hole didn't kill my embies but I just can't believe he did this to me.  But hey, I'll get over it.  And in the meantime, I'll just ride on the tail of Savanha's manic energy!!!
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Hey Ladies!

Savahna, Thanks for starting the new thread.. luv you!!

Magda, Im sure you're still in shock about your stupid RE, but I'm thinking all kinds of good thoughts for you.  Will you be trying for the FET next month then???

AFM, I'm cycle day 13, no surge yet.  I hope I O soon, b/c the sooner I O the sooner I can start my IVF!  :)
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Damn Savanah...you are the nuttiest nut I know! In all the good ways of course ^_^

Juana-I hope I get to find out how many babes you got going there before we leave for the weekend.....

I am off to school to get a new ID and then off to work...only 2 more days.....
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Sal, you know what?  I am absolutely still in shock but just a couple of minutes ago, I was overcome with this almost giddy sense of positivity... And that's really the best way I can describe it.  And no, I haven't injested anything in any way, shape or form!
And this is one gift horse I ain't lookin into the mouth of!!
I wondered if someone had slipped me some Extasy but then I realised I still woiuldn't pass up the opportunity to do some serious short-term harm to my doctor so I guess not!
And in answer to your question, yes, I am planning on doing FET next month but depending on what goes down on Saturday when DH and I go see buddy boy, I don't know if it'll be here or Beirut.  probably here because despite how I feel about his screw up and the appaling way in which he handled it, I still think he's good at what he does and I DO still have my embies with him...
Hey... I guess that means we could end up cycling together again!
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Good morning...chat later...lots of work to do before I go on vacation...can't wait!!!
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