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Leep operastion

Dear Doctor,

I am 28 years old and had a LLETZ(Leep operation) because of CIN3 and CIN2 four months ago. 2,8x2,5x1,5 cm  is removed. And I want to become pregnant five months later.Is the size taken too big? Can cervix grow to its normal size or does is heal only without growing? I am so afraid of having short cervix.

I will be glad of your answer. Thanks very much.
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Hi ays303,

I had a LEEP done about 7 years ago. The doc said it "shouldn't" cause me any problems with becoming preggo.  I don't know the size of what they took out because at that time I wasn't actively TTC.  But the complications could be anything from having an incompetent cervix, meaning that if you became pregnant your cervix could be too weak to hold the baby and you could miscarry.  Or in my case, I have scar tissue as a result of the surgery.  The doc said I had so much that my cervix was practically closed shut.  Yet, I get AF each cycle so she said it shouldn't interfere with getting pregnant since blood can get out so sperm should be able to get in.  

Worst case scenario, IUI could be a good option for getting past the scar tissue.  And for an incompetent cervix, they can give you a stitch to prevent premature delivery/miscarriage.

Good luck,

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Oh yeah, none of us are doctors on this forum.  We're just regular folk where most of us are trying to conceive.

If you have a question for the doctor there is an expert forum you can try on here.
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I had one done at 18 and they said at my colpo. yesterday i should not have one done at such a young age and thats why now days its a last resort option. I dont know about the sizes taken out either but the dr did say yesterday mine looked as though they didnt cut too much away and that my cervix was still plenty big to hold a baby! I do remember when i got that leep done that they cut like 3 pieces out which is why i thought my cervix may be the problem in my TTC. At any rate they probably did take too much out but if you are worried i would go and get examined by a dr and see what they can tell like patty said we just have our opinions and no1 is a dr but GL!!
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