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Let's keep going cycle buddies! :)

Hey ladies, time for a new thread!! :)
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luvkayln: Thanks for your wishes. I hope this cycle is the one for all of us waiting to get BFP.

mommyin09: I am starting Clomid tomorrow and it is 50 mg again. I had only one egg last time. Lets see how it goes for this cycle. I always feeling like O'ing and that somebody has tied huge stones on both sides of my tummy, when I am on Clomid. I have very bad mood swings. I too feel very tired and when I come home from work, I just want to lie down and sleep.

Arlotheslug: Dont be sorry at all. I guess everybody venting here in this forum feels the same. Never loose hope. I didnt have anyone to talk about this. All my friends have babies and I know that they dont understand. Now I am happy that I got all you ladies to vent and share. Cheer up lady. July is the month for us. Wishing and praying for SSBD for all of us.

Candie: Good luck for the check-up. It is always good to know what the problem is, so that we can solve it. Being in the dark never helps.

Journey: My RE says it is best to do it before O. But the egg is good for 24 hours. So you should be fine.

Babynr: Congrats on the numbers.

I have decided that I will not do HPTs this cycle. It is too depressing. Also I have asked DH to do the BBT in the morning after O'ing and not let me know what the temps are. I get stressed out based on the temps. Initially I thought I will not do the temps at all. But I want to keep a record on them.
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Just a quick note before I am off to work!  (I have to get ready for a talk).  

Luvkayln:  Thanks for starting the new thread!  Found it ;-)

mommyin09: Too funny about the hair.  I am sure you will get the hang of it.  The dinner sounds awesome.

vortex:  I know what you mean about the testing.  I tend to not like to do it b/c it stresses me out too!  Awesome starting another cycle.  

Happy Thursday!
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good luck ladies.  we will see more BFP's on here within the next 2 weeks:)
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Thanks for starting a new thread, luvkayln ! :)  I LOVE the memorial tattoo (from the other post).  Both sound really great.  When will you get the new one?  Hopefully you can upload a photo?? :)

vortex:  So, we're both trying 50 mg again :)  I only had one egg last time, too; but when I went for my u/s on Tues, my doc mentioned that I already had follicles waiting to grow... I'm hoping that means I'll have a few this time !  Good luck today.  Will you have an u/s first?  Is this cd5 for you?  (Sorry, I should remember!)

I decided I won't be going in for an u/s to see my follies this time.  It's all going to be a big surprise if I have any & how many !  As much as I would love to see, AF screwed everything up for me with her poor timing this time :)  I O'd on cd18 last cycle, which this cycle would be Mon. July 7.  So, my doc would have me come in for u/s cd 15-17, which turns out to be July 4-6 (a holiday, followed by a weekend!)  My doc's office is closed. Oh, well ! :)

leighanne & Arlotheslug:  Yes, last night was fun :)  We hung out till 11:00 & I was SO tired !  The clomid seems to make me extra sleepy.
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Hi Ladies,

I'm here!  Sorry to have been MIA...life is just a bit (a lot) hectic right now.  I've been thinking about all of you and need to catch up from the last thread so please forgive me!

We are finally moving back home tomorrow...thank goodness!  I'm cd3 today and had my first u/s this morning...all is good and I started injections today.  They cut the dosage from 100IUs to 50IUs so hopefully that will help keep the cysts away.  I spoke with the RE and we are going to try 2 more IUIs and then move to IVF.  I had a bit of a breakdown this morning...so overwhelming and frustrating to be at this point.

Thanks for your note Mommyin09 - you are so sweet.  I'm sure you will be fine with clomid this cycle so the u/s is just a nice to have, not a necessity.

Luvkayln - congrats on the promotion!  I am curious about this tatoo!!  

I'll check in later when I have more time but just wanted to say hi...

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Good morning!
Stacey- Nice to hear from ya! :) That's great that everything went well at your u/s! And i'm sooo glad to hear they cut your dose in 1/2 so that will hopefully prevent those darn cysts! At least you all have a great plan, 2 more iui's and then ivf. That's amazing! That's great you all can afford the ivf, i would never be able to! I mean i guess if that were my only option of getting a baby i would, of course! But hopefully you don't need it, i heard it's a loonnngg drawn out process! Just like vortex said, july is the month for us!!
vortex- thanks for keeping up the great spirit!! We need a cheerleader! :)
mommyin09- I wrote you a message, but i'll be getting my next tattoo before my iui, which is next saturday. I'll figure out somehow how to post pics from my camera onto my computer so you all can see the one on the back of my neck for kayln, and then when i get the one on my foot for her as well. That ***** that you won't be able to see how many follies you have this time! But, i guess it will be a suprise if/when you do get that bfp!!
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Good morning ladies.  GOOD NEWS - we put an offer in on the house we were looking at and it was accepted yesterday!!  We are so excited!  Looks like we won't be having the relaxing summer we planned on.  ;)  Well, one major worry in our life has been taken care of, so hopefully the other one is soon to follow!

journey - I'm glad your IUI went well.  It sounds like DH is an overachiever. ;)  At least one of those little guys has got to make it to that egg!

babynr - Congrats on the beta!  Maybe you'll be looking at more than one bundle of joy?

vortex - Good luck with the Clomid.  I know what you mean about stressing over HPT's.  I am just so afraid to see a BFN I'd rather just watch my temps and wait for AF.  Hopefully you won't have to worry about it anymore!  You're right about this forum, it's so great to have people around who understand what we're going through.

luvkayln - Thanks for starting the new thread.  We are definitely a busy group!  What's this I hear about a tattoo?  ;)  More details please...

mommyin09 - Glad to hear you had fun at your dinner.  Since you responded so well to Clomid the last time, I'm sure you'll at least have one follie again, even if you don't get to see it.  Are you just going to use OPK's and/or BBT?

Stacey - No need to apologize.  I'm sure you can't wait to get back home.  I can only imagine how overwhelming all the injections/IUI/IVF talk can get, but just hang in there and take it one step at a time.  We'll just all pray that it works this time and you never have to worry about all that!

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Good afternoon all:

Stacey:  I completely understand the frustration.  I do.  I have had many mini breakdowns over this all.  But, I figure (and as everyone has echoed), I try and let it go and be positive b/c it is all I have right now (other than an awesome, but messy DH, and two fat picky cats!  It gets pretty scary - but we are all hear for you!  I am glad the reduced your dose too! YEAH momentum!  

luvkayln:  I will be excited to see your tatoo.  What an awesome way to pay tribute.  

Candie:  Congratulations on the house!  Very exciting!  

Mommyin09:  Maybe it is better to not see?  I dunno - I think all the tests, etc can get a bit much.  I am sure those follies are growing!  

Have a great afternoon!
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My goodness...you get busy for a couple of days and miss SO much.  Glad to hear all the positive vibes in here...over the last few years I've become a HUGE fan of positive thinking and how it can change your life.  I really believe it has brought me all the blessings I've had in the last few years.  Beats the **** out of negativity and really helps you to stay focused and cope better with the "bumps" along the way.

Mommyin09...good idea not to look...visualize all those beautiful eggs and stay positive.  Stressing about how many just hurts your immune system. Believe that you'll conceive.  The BFP's are growing in here...I can feel there's more to come!

luvkaylyn....I too was grieving a still birth(1992 my son Scott), when surprsingly I became pregnant 6 mos later with my now beautiful 14 year old daughter  Madison!  Your body will know when you're ready.  The pain you feel won't ever leave you...it'll change until you find a safe place in your heart to keep her forever.  I still wonder what he would have been like or what having a son would have been like for that matter.  It's okay now though...you will be too.  Post the tatoo if you can.

Candie-have fun with the house!

Stacey...omg no apologies...this is why we're all here WE understand!  We've all been through the negatives and dreading AF.  I can not tell you how many times I've almost cried at Walmart picking up Tampons again!  I'm a neonatal intensive care nurse, really hard to watch people coming in and having their 10th kid and the first 9 have been apprehended and they couldn't give a ****.  I've had to change my way of thinking so that negative energy didn't eat me up.  "The Secret" has really helped increase my positive energy...definitely helps with the coping!!  All the best...hang in there fellow canuck!

Sorry this is so long...it's busy in here.   I'm off for the next few days with graduation and after parties with my girls but I'll check in when I can...All the best evryone!
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i am glad you had fun, a night out with the ladies always helps.  i bet the clomid makes you tired cause the progesterone makes me lethargic.  i think all fertility meds have some heavy side effects to them.

how is everything else going?
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leighanne:  yeah, clomid wipes me out!  But so does the progesterone.  I haven't really felt "normal" since I've been taking both at different times in my cycle! Otherwise, I'm doing well.  No other side effects, so that's good! :-)  How are you feeling?

Candie:  Wow!  Congrats on the house! :-)  That's really exciting!  Will this be your first home?  I'm so happy for you!  I know how exciting that is :)  Yes, I'll do opk's & bbt & a lot of positive thinking!!! :)

Babynr:  I love your attitude!  I'm visualizing my beautiful eggs as I'm writing! :-)  I'm so sorry to hear about your ds Scott.  I'm so you are doing well now :)

To all:  I'm really not upset about not seeing my follies this time.  It is exciting, don't get me wrong, but it WILL be a nice surprise if & when...  :)
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i hear you.  i am feeling good, just so tired but can not sleep for long periods of time.  i am patiently waiting for the ultrasound next wed which i pray goes well  i really hope this is my time.  

what day of you cycle are you on now?
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