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Let's keep our thread rollin cycle Buddies!!! # 3. new posting

hi ladies, well i created a new thread so it would not be as long.  I am going to post a little blog in the other one to say that i started this one.  the last one was getting very lengthy so 3rd time is a charm, lots of BFP's on this one:)
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Thank you! I will let the other posts know.
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arlotheslug- thank you.  i am 13 weeks today:)  i am excited.
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what the ****???  i checked my cm again today just 'cause, and you know what i find?  eggwhite.  AGAIN.  not only that, but cervix was OPEN!  i've NEVER felt it open.  this better be it, d a m n it!  i've read that anovulatory cycles can have all this crazy stuff happen, too, because i could be releasing enough estrogen to play tricks with my fertile signs.  i had better see a temp rise tomorrow.  i'm sick of my body being stupid, lol.  i know you girls have got to relate on that one.  *sigh*  i'm sorry i'm going on and on.  i'm really self-centered right now.  i hope everyone else is less irritable than i am right now.  :D
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oh, and YAY leighanne!!!
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Just wanted to say hi, and congrats to all the BFP's,

Unlaced i hope its it for you too, i hate when the body tries to play tricks on you.
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Amen on the  body being stupid!!! LMAO!! Thats one way to put it unlaced!! :-)
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Leighanne- Congrats on making it to 13 weeks! Just wait until you feel that baby move, it's amazing! :)
Not too much going on here, just hangin' out in the 2ww! Thank you all for the warm welcome back! Your all too sweet! :) I made an appointment to go and get my progesterone checked because I was scared I didn't ovulate, but it just happened so late this time, and I can clearly see on my bbt chart that I did ovulate on CD 23 when usually it's CD 16 or 18 at the latest. So, do you all think I should still go and get it checked? I also have progesterone suppositories left, and I was going to take them after ovulation, but I think i'll just wait until I get my +ve, if it ever happens again!!!! Ok, so where is everyone at right now in their cycle?
Candie- I'm sooo sorry af showed! Hopefully the fertilaid will do the trick for you this month!!!! I've looked into taking that so many times, but then I just resorted to the clomid. I'll keep my fingers crossed for ya! :)
Stacey- I sent you a note, but your pic of your dog is adorable! :) Where are you at in your 2ww? I hope this time is it girl!!!
mommyin09- I agree, seeing another doctor when you don't have to seems silly! But I'm so confused! I thought your ob was going to do 3 rounds of clomid, and then do iui next! I think they should've been doing iui the whole time you were on clomid, because clomid can make your CM very hostile and hard for sperm to swim through. I could tell it affected my CM a little, because now that i'm  not taking anything, I started getting ewcm like 6 days before my ovulation. We bd'd the whole time I had ewcm, 1 to 2 times a day, so hopefully they stayed strong and hung out until my egg got there! :) We actually didn't bd the day before ovulation, but I wasn't sure it was ever going to come, and of course it came the next day! But at least I have an idea of when i'll ovulate on a regular cycle, ya know?
Good luck to all in their 2ww! Hopefully Leighanne is right, and this will be our lucky thread!! :)
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Vortex - CONGRATS!!!!!!!!  I read the other thread and saw the awesome news!!  Thank you for bringing such good news to us.   I am really really happy for you and dh!!!  That is so great!

Leighanne - It sounds like everything is still progressing perfectly for you.  Congrats and I love your pics - what a cute little bump you have.

Luvkayln - Welcome back!  It's nice to see you on the thread again.  You were missed!  It sounds like you had some great bd at the right time!  I am somewhere in my second week of the tww (I have lost track) but just don't think this is it.  I also O'd late this cycle.  I believe it was later than I thought - day 23 or 24.  So I have just assumed this is not it.  I will try our last round of IUI next cycle.

Candie - Sorry about af.  She is so annoying.  I hope the Fertilaid works for you.  I'm glad you are trying something new to get a little extra help.

Mommyin09 - So sorry about af...that does s u c k a lot.  So sorry.  And it is also too bad that you have to wait a couple of months for an appt.  I guess you will probably move to iui??  Enjoy a few months off.  It really is good for the mind and body.  I have really enjoyed myself this month - maybe a little too much :)

The good news for me, as some of you may have seen, is that dh and I are the proud parents of fur baby Honey!  (pic is posted)  We have gone through a thorough adoption process with a  Golden Retriever rescue organization and the timing was perfect.  Honey was "surrendered" by her owner just as we applied and they felt she would be a great fit for us.  She is just over 2 years old and was alone for 12 hours a day in an apartment.  She is 95lbs and should be 65lbs so we have a lot of work to do to get the weight off.  She will definitely keep me from obsessing over ttc since I will be walking her a couple of hours every day!!  She is still in foster care and we officially get her next Monday.  Yippee!
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Stacey:  I'm really excited for you !  Honey will bring so much love :)

Luvkayln:  My ob only did 3 cycles of clomid.  The fertility doctor will most likely do the iui with clomid.  My ob doesn't do iui.  That's why she's referred me on.  I didn't realize clomid makes your cm hostile! Hmmm...  Funny how we keep learning.  Well, I'm glad I won't get an appt for a little bit 'cause I'm ready to try a few natural cycles.  There's really no reason why we're not getting that BFP, so you never know; right?!   I'm glad you saw that temp shift & know that you O'd !  Sounds like you covered your bases, too :-)

Leighanne:  Congrats !  That's great news :-)  I sure hope you are right that third time's a charm !

Candie:  We're in the same boat & now we're cycle buddies :)  

Arlotheslug:  That's great that your appt. went well.  Are you gonna cancel your girls weekend ?  It would be hard to not drink & not be able to explain why... for me anyway ! :)  

unlaced:  You may have posted on the other thread, but when does dh return?  Sorry your body's not cooperating with his schedule !  That s u c k s, huh!?  
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just letting you all know that i have found the new thread....but i am going to go to the old one so i can catch up....i got test results back, and there is nothing funky going on....no std's ect....which i knew there weren't.  all it is..is a yeast infection.  can you believe that?  all of this over a little bit of yeast.  they gave me diflucan and told me to use a paste of vaseline and desitin....and i add a bit of vagisil to numb it a bit, cause it is still sore.  what the doctor called ulcers are still sore and itchy, hoping that the itch is them healing....still no bding as it is still sore....i am completely out this cycle..lol

but i just wanted to update you all

hugs and luv and ssbd
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Hi ladies, how was the day today? Thank you for all your wishes. I spoke to me RE today and also scheduled my first u/s on 9/3.

Did anyone heard from dnikki and Michelle? Good that everyone is back and we are busy again.

Welcome back. Your temps definitely confirms the O and all the best for the tww. Thank you for your wishes.

Your temps did drop down. I know that too much stress can cause delays in Oing. One way it is good that you O during DH at home and will pray for you to O before DH takes off. That is a awful lot of time away from him and you better get the BFP and welcome him with a surprise.

How did the injection classes go today? Are you upto speed for tomorrow's shots? All the best.

Congrats on the 13 weeks. Good that you are getting off of progesterone and your dad took it well. It is always good to tell everyone in the family, so that we can share everything. I am waiting for time to run away to let everybody know. My mom keeps asking me the same question for sometime now and now it is really hard to answer her :).

I am sorry to hear that AF showed this cycle. I know it s u c k s. So what is the plan for this cycle. All the best for this cycle and wish you all come and join me and leighanne soon. DH is in bliss infact and I could not catch him. He went to the shop yesterday and bought all organic stuff (including tofu, which I didnt expect) and filled the fridge with healthy veggies and fruits. He hates grocery shopping and usually make me go.

Did you call the RE's office and make the appt. When are you going to go? Initially it took a long time for me to make up my mind and go to an RE. But one way it is good to see and RE and get things checked. During tww there is a long list of food I stopped eating since we went to the RE. He said no restriction, but anything that is know to increase the body's estrogen levels during tww, I resisted. Sometimes DH gets upset because he could not go to all restaurants and eat. I avoided the puzzle foods in which we dont know the ingredients and also the only meat chicken and there is a long list. I didnot try Robitussin with guaifenesin because my CM was good. So I dont have much idea about it. Wish this will work out for you this cycle.

How are you?

Welcome back and thank you for the wishes. Honey looks great and cute and wish she gets a playmate soon in 9 months. You are almost at the end of tww and keep my fingers crossed for you. Definitely honey will make you life more enjoyable.

Wish you to get better soon and continue ttc. Good that it is only yeast infection and nothing serious.

Wishing you all SSBD.

Leighanne:  BFP - 13 weeks
babybaw: BFP
vortex: BFP - 4 weeks 2 days and u/s is on 9/3

Babynr: Taking a break.

Candie: CD1
mommyin09:  CD2
Michelleinhawaii: C17 and ready for IUI next cycle
joyce: CD17
arlotheslug: CD21 and injection classes 8/18
MamaTina: CD22 and got a follie of 9mm
unlaced: CD17

luvkayln: 4dpo
Stacey:  CD30 and 11dpo
dnikki: 15dpiui/15dpo
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Vortex ~ WOW!!!  CONGRATS!!!  You must be super excited?!?!?

Stacey ~  Yeah...fur babies are the best!  We have 3 of them.  Congrats, golden retreivers are great dogs.

Leighann ~ Congrats...13 weeks already?!?!  That's great.

luvkayln ~ Welcome back

I had my 4th IUI on Saturday, so I am 2dpiui and I am back in the 2ww.  I have been super busy trying to do all the little odds and ends around the house before we put it for sale.  I spend the weekend painting doors and washing windows.
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