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Let's keep our thread rollin' cycle buddes! :) #2

Ok ladies....I hope you all find this new thresd!! The other one was getting WWWWAAAAYYYY long!!!
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Just found it! - I will let the other ladies know!
Thank you.  
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Hey ladies, I've sort of been MIA again... Last week was a busy one! Had finals and my last final was on Saturday - Wooo-hoooo! DONE.... until the last week in August :) I had a baby shower to go to yesterday that was about 2 hrs from my house, but that was fun. I hadn't seen my friend in forever! It was nice to catch up though :)
So, today while DS was taking his morning nap, I was finally able to get into the garden and weed. Holy cow, I can't believe I let it get that bad!! So when DS goes down for his afternoon nap (about 10 min), I will be back out finishing what I started :)

How is everyone doing? Is anyone testing soon or close to O?
Have a good day everyone, Hugs and SSBD to all :)
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well ladies, i have my 10 week appointment tomorrow, back with my regular OB, no more fertility doctor which scares me.  i am nervous about it, i know i had 2 healthy heartbeats but after 2 losses in a row i can not help but to be nervous.  i need some encouragement that tomorrow will be good and everything will be fine.  I still have many symtpoms like sore bb's, tried all day and all night, vomitting here and there like once every 2 days.  please let me know these are good things and tomorrow will be ok.  i just want to make it till 1pm tomorrow when my appointment is.

you ladies have been so great to me and i appreciate it more than words can express:)

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mommyin09 - That makes sense to try without the trigger again, you seem to be doing fine without it!  I think it will be perfectly OK to have your u/s tomorrow.  The follies proabaly won't be as big as you were used to seeing, but you should still be able to tell how they are doing.  Yes, we will close on our house when we get back, so we will definitely enjoy our week of relaxation before that craziness starts!

artlotheslug - I'm so sorry to hear that your DH had a rough weekend.  I'm sure the clomid could make guys moody too, and putting too much pressure on himself is certainly not going to help.  I know you'll both make it through this OK.  Have fun at your concert!

leighanne - I totally understand why you are worried, but like Arlotheslug said, look at this as a positive.  Your RE feels you are ready to "graduate", so have faith in his judgement and try to stay as calm as possible.  Update us as soon as you can tomorrow, and good luck to you!

dnikki - Congrats on being done with finals.  That has to be a great feeling!  Welcome back to the group.  :)
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Hey girls!
So, i'm waiting on my beta to come back! Yes, i know, i'm cd 6 today BUT my period has been so weird that i felt i needed a blood test done. Wednesday is when my period was due, and since i was runnin' around all day trying to get stuff done, i just went ahead and put a tampon in b/c i had just got a negative the day before. Well, i checked it a few hours after i put it in, and it was light brown and barely anything there. So, i just figured it was starting out light and getting darker by the next day. Anyway, long story short, my whole period has been nothing  but light brown , abosultely NO RED BLOOD AT ALL! I haven't even needed a tampon, i've just been using panty liners. And the only thing that's got me thinking is this is EXACTLY how it was when i was pregnant with kayln. I thought it was just an irregular period due to stress. And now it's doing it again, so it's got me curious. I haven't taken another test since last tuesday, so i decided on saturday this is what i needed to do. So, i went this morning, and i'm still waiting! I'm sure it's going to be negative, but it doesn't hurt to get it checked out.. I definately don't feel pregnant, but i don't feel like i even had a period either, so....
Anyway, thanks mamatina for starting a new thread...  and so sorry to hear about your results. I hope they can figure out a way to get you ovulating!! I'll let y'all know what the verdict is when i find out!
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Ok....AF showed today! Which is GOOD, no provera this time!! I am going next week to have my HSG test done, not sure of exact day but it IS next week!! :)
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Ok, well that didn't take long! It was negative, which is fine. I just wanted to make sure, i thought it was a little strange but i guess i'm just having a weird cycle. Anyway, i just wanted to tell all of you what a great support system you have all been, but i think i need a break from this site. I'm sorry, i don't want to offend anyone, but this site gets me too excited and then i just get let down every time. I think it i'm just flyin' solo and temping and doing opk's that i won't get too ancy about being a certain dpo, and i think i won't think about it as much. Which that seems to work for me. Everytime we try to get pregnant, we don't. And then the second i say it'll happen when it's supposed to and i don't really pay attention to it, i get pregnant! Every time! So, thank you all for your friendship, and i hope you all get your BFP's very soon. It's well deserved for all of us! I will miss you all! :)
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So today I am 11dpiui and today I was taking my two boys to their physical...well, I went ot the bathroom there because I felt a little bit (TMI, sorry...) "wet" down there...so I went to the bathroom and I had spotted a little bit!  And I wiped and there was a little on the TP also....could this be implantation?  I was on Follistim this month, as well as HcG and I don't know if your period can come early on that...but I know when I was on clomid I had a luteal phase of about 16 days each month.  Without meds I have a luteal phase of  14.  Did anyone else on Follistim have late periods?  Could this be implantation?  I also took a large dip today on FF.  

Any advice?????

Thanks girls...

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luvkayln: I know where your coming from about taking a break... I'm thinking of doing the same. I think I will still PM people etc. but not obsessing on these forums :) Before April, I never knew what BFP, CD, or any of those meant (except IUI)... I think I just need to chill out and focus on DH and DS and my time off from class... I hope you get your BFP soon. We all will one of these days, it's just a matter of when :)

Hugs and SSBD to all :)
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mamatina:  Thanks for starting a new thread & I'm glad AF showed ! (Sounds funny), but it gets you moving in the right direction; right!? :)

dnikki:  Congrats on finishing your finals ! :)

mommyof3...  I don't know about AF showing earlier on follitism??  I've never taken that, but I will hope for you with all I have that it was implantation.  Take care !

So, ladies, I had my u/s today.  Thanks for all your well wishes :)  I was earlier than usual, but did have two follies on my right.  One was 13mm & perfectly round, which my doc said was great.  The other was maybe 9mm or so & was a little lopsided.  My left showed lots of little follies that "didn't take".  Those are my doc's words.  Anyway, I will be taking an opk in the next hour & I expect to O around Wed.  So, we'll see what happens :)

leighanne:  We'll all be thinking of you tomorrow ! I'm sure you'll be just fine :)  Best wishes to you !!!

luvkalyn:  I'll miss you !  Take care :)
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I usually O late after CD18. But with Clomid I am Oing sometime beween CD11 - CD13. I am excited and looking forward to tomorrow's u/s and my fertility monitor is already showing a high reading. So expecting to O before the weekend.

How did the finals go? Good you are done with them. It sounds like you and arlotheslug had a busy day in the garden.

Thanks for letting us know about the thread. I was wondering where everybody went. Have a nice time at the concert.

All the best for your u/s tomorrow.

Definitely we all will miss you. Wish you that this no tracking, all natural cycle might be the one for you.

I am not sure about follitism, because I am only on Clomid + IUI. Somebody else here might answer you. But as far the spotting is concerned, wish that it was due to implantation. All the best.

Good to know that you have 2 follies this time. More the number, higher the chances. Keeping the fingers crossed for you. I might O around the same time as you.

Leighanne:  BFP! and 10 week u/s tomorrow
babybaw: BFP

Babynr: m/cing and taking a break.

MamaTina: CD1
luvkayln:  CD5
Candie: CD7
Stacey:  CD9
vortex:  CD9 and u/s tomorrow
dnikki: CD10
mommyin09:  CD12
Michelleinhawaii: C13
joyce: CD22
arlotheslug: CD28 and scheduled for ICSI cycle in September
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leighanne ~ good luck tomorrow...I'm sure eveything is going to look great.  You did graduate....Yipee, I can't wait until my graduation day although it would be nice to stay with the RE.

Arlotheslug ~ Your DH takes Clomid?!?!?!  What for?  

candie 429 ~ The number one symptom I ignored was this pain that went from my right side, around my back, down through my upper thigh..I would get it right around ovulation and it would last until a few days after AF.  I have it right now in fact :-(  Some other symptoms were occasional pain during baby dancing, especially when it would go too deep (TMI), irregular periods, and periods that always last 7 or 8 days.  After you have pain for so long it just becomes "normal" and I just didn't even think of it anymore. The RE said I had quite a bit, but I'll find out all the details at my follow up appointment on Saturday.

luvkaylyn ~ good luck and don't forget to at least check back once in a while...especially when you get your BFP.  It's weird because I feel the opposite, I don't know what I would do without these forums.  The support and understanding is something a lot of the people around me can't give to me.  
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