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Let's keep our thread rollin' cycle buddes! :)

Hey ladies! Time for thread #3! Hope you find it; Our other one was growing a little long.

P.S. Who wants to nominate themselves for keeping tabs on everyone??? I liked that idea of keeping a chart for us all to be able to see who's where in their cycle/ or 2ww! :) Any volunteers?
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Our current status.

I made your status as 0dpiui, since you had the IUI today. Let me know if you want to change it.

Leighanne:  BFP! - H/B was 126 and u/s on 7/16
Babynr: BFP! u/s today

MamaTina: CD4
Jess: CD8
Candie:  CD9
arlotheslug: CD9 and scheduled for ICSI cycle in September
luvkayln:  0dpiui.
joyce:  cd30 and wondering was it Implantation or AF?

mommyin09:  cd20/6dpo
Stacey:  3dpiui
vortex:  6dpiui/4dpo
dnikki:  6dpiui
Michelleinhawaii: 6dpiui
journey: 14dpiui
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Today for the second time I have some pulling sensation in my tummy. Definitely not on the side I Oed. Do anybody who are 6dpiui felt something similar? Initially I thought I am imagining it. But now it is again there and dont know what it is. It pains but not in an hurtful way.
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vortex-that could be a great sign.  i have not had IUI so i am not sure, but i do know when i got pregnant, i had strange twinging pains in my lower stomach area.

mommyin09-OMG, i did south beach like 3 years back with a friend, we worked together 5 days a week so we were great supposts since 8 hours out of each day we spent right with eachother.  but the first phase 1 was cruel.  i felt like a guinea pig.  i swore i ate boston lettuce wraps everyday, and at that time i also lived on coffee cause you could have coffee when i was doing it.  i lost like 5 pounds the first week but i was so moody from detoxing my system like that.

babynr- those lillte babies should give you some great marma.  what day next week is your next US?  we can add it to the list above.
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Just found this after posting on the other thread - I will leave a note for everyone!
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Good morning everyone :) Happy Thursday!!!
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morning dnikki and all the other ladies.  how is everyone this lovely am?  i am hoping that the humidity here in MASS where i am is going to drop today, it seems like it cause there is a nice breeze but that is also cause i live on a big pond and the water creates a nice little breeze.
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Good morning! I'm at work and i snuck in to say hi! he he :)  Glad you all have found our new thread, and thanks vortex! That really helps to know where everyone is at in their cycle! :) But by the way, i'm 2dpiui today; I actually had my iui on the 8th. I know my mood said differently, but i wasn't on here for a couple days. Sorry.... Wow! I didn't realize journey was 14 dpiui, does anyone know if she's tested yet or not? Hopefully this is it for her! Good luck to everyone is their 2ww!!
I'll check in later when i get home! Hope everyone has a great day!! :)
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Hello all! I'm kinda new to this forum, been on the Pregnancy forum for a while and I'm also around the  m/c forum.  I've been ttc since febuary, got my first bfp On june 3rd and m/c on june 15th right now I'm on 9DPO and just waiting for my first af after m/c or who knows if bfp.
What I've been doing differently after my m/c is taking Omega 3 supplements with my prenatal vits.  And green tea in the morning.  So far I feel absolutely normal so I'm not expecting that bfp :( No symptoms not even af symptoms which is weird for me. But I did O. and maybe I shouldn't even be trying so early after my m/c so its ok if I get AF.
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is this the 2ww thread?  what happened to that?  good luck to everyone!
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alikat: there are some of us in the tww, you are more than welcome to join!!! I haven't seen you around in awhile, how have you been?
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busy, summer break, went to visit graceland! very fun!  i think my 2ww is ending early, so just checking on everyone else.  
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What cycle day are you on? How long were you in Graceland? Sounds exciting!!!
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