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Low Progesterone

Has anyone ever had low progesterone levels and still find out they have been pregnant?  I got my results back today and they just told that they were low but to come in on Friday if I do not start my period. The nurse said there is still a chance I could be pregnant. Anyone else had this problem before. Thanks and Best wishes to you all.
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Dear kschnack,

When a pregnancy is viable, the progesterone levels are high.
If you are past ovulation with low values you might not be ovulating.

You can test again next month or ask your fertility doctor for ovulation induction.

Good luck
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I had a trigger shot a couple of weeks ago that was suppose to help wasn't it? Sorry I am just sad and don't know what to do next.  I am suppose to talk to my DR next Monday. He wants me to come in for an HCG on Friday if I do not have AF. If AF does come then he will talk to me on Monday
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If you visit your dr ask also for progesterone test.

Don't be sad and
good luck....
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Last month was the worst for me,  I found out that I have high progesterone level and still not pregnant.  Turns out she's right. because they did another test aside from the progesterone because I am delayed, not sure what that was anymore.  Anyway so I had a high progesterone level last month wich means I ovulated but missed the BD timing :( She said "Your progesteron spiked up but will await for your period in the next couple of days" I was devastated.  

So it could be anything, I will find out what test I did and let you know.
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How low was your progesterone? Anything over 10 is normal after ovulation. In pregnancy, however, the levels usually go higher.
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She never said what my level was all she said was my DR was sick and that he told her to tell me it was low.
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I am pregnant and my progesterone is low...it was 8.26 last Monday.  They put me pn progesterone suppositories and I think it went up a little bit but I am still on them.  My HCG is doubling actually more then doubling.  Don't worry.  I would ask for a progesterone test.  I asked and that's how they found our mine was low.  It is common....good luck!
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I got pregnant and my levels were low. I was even taking progesterone cream at the time and my levels were still extremely low ... to the fact that I lost the pregnancy. I was amazed however, that I was able to get pregnant with my levels being so low.
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I just found out I have very low pogestrone I take Metphormine and done cycle of clomid and on day 21 my pogestrone was 1.5 the doctor is having me come in today but my concern is I woke up this morning horribly naseated and hurting very bad in my lower adomen is there any chance I could be pregnant any opinions my obgyn says it highly unlikely but if i am we are to start treatment immediatly we started with the fertilty meds withough taking pogesterone test first so I am a little anxious
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i have just got my results back from my progesterone test and it says they are 4.5 and havnt started my cyle does this mean i am deff not preg?
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I am on my 3rd round of clomid.  I ovulated on Day 17 and had my progesterone levels checked on Day 21.  I got my results back and it was 11.5 so my Dr. tells me I did ovulate.  I am now waiting to see if I start my period.  He said 14 days after ovulation is when I will start if I do.  I'm just wondering  since I tested early if I should go back and test tomorrow since it will be 8 days after ovulation to see if my levels have risen???  
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This post is old so you might get more response if you create a new post but I have progesterone problems so I do know a good bit about it to help! If you are for sure when you ovulated then you are supposed to test 7 days after ovulation. That is when it is at it's highest. If your level before then was over 10 then you should be fine! Call your doctor and make sure but I think you should be fine.
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