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Low Sperm volume.

Hello, doc...almost before a year and a half I had a rough mastrubation and experienced no erection for some 30-40 days. Later on following a doct's advice I never mastrubated for 9 weeks. And then the erection was almost natural  but looks less like before. Now my sperm volume is less  than it used to be and a little bent towards the right. Could you suggest me how I could retain my old structure ?
Thnk you..
Lookin frwd to hear from you..
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Masturbation is  completely normal for both men and women and it actually is one of the body’s most effective ways to relieve stress .If it is affecting your lifestyle it is suggested to decrease the frequency and avoid it if possible .Erectile dysfunction can be due to psychological and physiological causes both.  In young patients psychological causes like lack of confidence, guilt, and anxiety are common possibilities. While in elderly patients physical factors predominate. It can be caused by certain medications, including drugs for high blood pressure and depression. Thyroid dysfunction, vascular diseases like atherosclerosis, peripheral vascular disease and many chronic diseases can cause this problem. What is the cause of low sperm count? If the cause is known then medical or surgical intervention may be effective. Empirically many medical approaches have been tried for treating this condition like using clomid, tamoxifen, vitamin E, testosterone, vitamin C,antioxidants, etc. A deficiency in zinc, selenium, vitamin B-12, folate and antioxidants has a negative impact on the quality of men’s sperm. L-Carnitine and acetyl-L-Carnitine are believed to increase the motility of sperm, by helping the transformation of fatty acids into energy. Avoid stress, alcohol and smoking. It is best to consult a doctor and get your doubts clarified before taking any medication. Hope it helped.
Take care and regards!
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Yep tat gud be of grt help doct and meanwhile may I know wat kind of specialist I should consult ..is it an urologist or any one else  ...nd agn thx 4 ur response
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