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Low progesterone

My daughter was diagnosed with low progesterone.  She has had one miscarriage.  In her old job she was under a lot of stress, which caused her period  to be very unpredictable.  Now she has change job and her period is coming every 28 days.  Can a person get "over" the low progesterone, or may she still have trouble conceiving?    
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I agree with the others about using a supplement if her levels are still low. But I have a question for you...was her diagnosis made during her pregnancy (before the miscarriage), or did her doctors do the test in a regular cycle?

The reason I'm asking is that if it was done in a regular cycle, and her cycles used to be irregular, then that could be the reason her levels were low. If her cycles are now back to being regular, her progesterone might be normal too. If she wants to test again, just make sure she monitors when she ovulates, since progesterone is always low before ovulation, and then goes up after the egg is released. Most doctors want the test done about 7 days after ovulation to get an accurate result.

If the test was done during her pregnancy, on the other hand, the low level could either mean that the pregnancy for some reason or another was not viable, so her levels dropped....or that her body did not produce enough progesterone to support a pregnancy. It's very hard to say whether progesterone levels drop because of a failing pregnancy or if it is the levels actually causing the pregnancy to fail, but a lot of doctors will prescribe progesterone anyway as a precautionary measure.

I hope your daugther gets pregnant again soon and that she'll have a normal pregnancy next time. One miscarriage usually does not increase the risk of having another one.
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When I was pg with my son, my progesterone started dropping, so I was put on progesterone suppositories for the first trimester and everything turned out wonderful. I am 5wk2d pg right now and even tho my progesterone was fine, my dr still put me on the supplements since i have a history of it dropping.

I think she should bring this up to her dr and if they won't help her, she should try another dr.  Maybe a fertility specialist.  
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Her doctor can give her progestrone once she has ovulated...I have the same problem i have had 2 miscarriage's due to my progestrone level not going up while pregnant....now on the 18th day of my cycle i start taking progestrone just in case i do get pregnant i can keep it viable....so there is hope for her....tell her to talk to her doctor about the progestrone/prometrium supplements...Good luck ...........................Heather
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