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Low sperm count!!

My husband went for a sperm analysis and the doctor says everything is normal except his count & low sperm concentration.  His count was 6.2 million.  Normal is 40 to 60, so he is quite low!  I am so worried, will I even have a chance of pregnancy now???  I know you only need one sperm, but even with men with normal sperm counts there is only a 20 - 25% each month to get pregnant!  I am so freaked!!

Does anyone know anyone who has got pregnant with a husband with low sperm count??  Please I need all the help & encouragement I can get!!  I could just cry right now!! :(
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My husband had/has an even lower count!!! He stopped drinking caffine and alcohol and stayed away from hot showers and hot tubs ect. (which I had been telling him to do all along, but he didn't think it mattered!) When he had his first SA it came back saying he only had 3 mil sperm and very low motility. He started taking FertilAid for Men, FertilAid Count Boost, and FertilAid Motility Boost (he had them approved by his doc). He had only been taking those supplements for about 2 weeks (they say take them for 3 months for the full effect) and his second SA came back at 9 mil!! Which is a HUGE improvement in only 2 weeks!! He was also told he needed varicocele repair. That is something that restricts the sperm from flowing properly (I'll leave you a link below). He had the surgery and kept taking his supplements and only three weeks after his surgery we had an IUI and he had 9 mil sperm again, BUT we got pregnant our first try!!! It really does only take one!!! IUI gives the best chance of pregnancy when there are male factor infertility problems. I also had a few problems which is why we chose to do an IUI but I'm sure if there is nothing wrong with you then you and your husband could have a baby just by making some life changes and maybe the supplements or even just a good multi-vitamin. Good luck with everything and remember to stay positive!! There is always hope!


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hi hon , i know it is hard, but first of all be strong , and aslo a lot of diffirent things that u can do , to get pregno. like IUI that they wash the sperm , and they sperate the good one out, or another case like IVF . beside these two ways , it is a lot of medicin that the dr can give to bring the a count higher. the positive side is that he has sperm , some people dont have it at all. dont worry u are going to get pragnant :)
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Thanks ladies, I feel better now, but still feel a little discouraged.  I will look into the fertile aid stuff for hubby.. I really don't want my hubby to feel bad, when he found out all he said was,
"I guess it's my fault"  I told him it's no one fault is just that where he works must have decreased his count & concentration.  His motility & volume is fine they said.  We will just have to be proactive on this.  I love my husband like crazy and I want him to know this in no way makes him less of a man, cause I bet that is what he will think!  

Thanks for the support ladies I appreciate it & need it!  I will keep ya posted!
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You know, I totally thought my husband would be like that as well but he took the news rather well. I know it still had to be hard for him and he also knows I have some issues to. So our whole TTC experience was an up hill battle before we got help. But he really got serious after he found out how low his count really was. He just kept saying I can't be upset about something I can't control (we think it's genetic, his parents had a hard time having him as well and he's an only child). So he just stepped up and stayed away from what he could (he works around some bad materials as well) and started eating healthier and trying to make the best of it! I really wish I could tell you how I helped him, but I really didn't he did it mostly on his own. I will ask him what his thought process was (if he'll tell me) and let you know! Good luck and just remind him there is always room for improvement and this isn't an impossible task, it just might take some time! Good luck again!!!!
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Thanks I just ordered fertile aid for men & women as well as count boost by fertile aid & Pre seed lube from early-pregnancy-tests.com.  Today is the 1st day of my cycle, so it should come in time for my next ovulation.  

My hubby doesn't drink much alcohol maybe one a night or a few a week, but he does drink lot's of caffeine.  So I hope he will be able to cut down on that.  I don't think he can do much about the chemicals he is around because it's his job, but maybe the supplement will help.  here's hoping!

If you could talk to your hubby that would be awesome.  thanks so much.

All we can do is move forward & keep trying.  
I hope he can see the urologist asap!!
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Anyone know any medication the doctor may prescribe for my husband or know anything else that can be done to increase his count?  

I am still in shock cause hubby is so young, I am 31 he is 28, I have 2 children from a previous marriage, he has no bio kids.  
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