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I have been researching the MTHFR c677t and 1298 mutations since my daughter had a stillborn at 28 weeks.  I found a very informative website I think everyone, including healthcare providers, should check out.  It is mthfr.net and there is a wealth of information regarding these mutations and PREGNANCY!  One big difference you will notice is that Dr. Ben Lynch (of mthfr.net) actually discourages use of folic acid (especially during pregnancy) and recommends L-methylfolate instead.  The reason, is that many people have reduced activity of an enzyme that metabolizes folic acid to L-methylfolate.  L-methylfolate is supposed to be a more "active" form of folic acid, and better used by people like me hetero c677t and my daughters who are both homo c677t (and Factor V Leiden).  The following paragraph is copy and pasted from the mthfr.net website:

Here are the common recommendations for supporting those with C677T MTHFR mutations:

Limit ingestion of folic acid in fortified foods as you cannot process folic acid well.
Limit or cease taking supplements or drugs with folic acid in them. Talk with your doctor before stopping.
Avoid folic acid blocking drugs such as birth control or Methotrexate.
Avoid drugs which increase homocysteine such as Nitrous Oxide (most used in dentistry)
Avoid antacids as they block absorption of vitamin B12 and other nutrients
Begin understanding which of your symptoms may be related to the C677T MTHFR mutation.
Measure homocysteine levels – properly!
Inform your family members so they can also test for the MTHFR mutation
Find a doctor who is knowledgeable about MTHFR or is willing to learn
If you are pregnant, find an OB/GYN or midwife who is knowledgeable about MTHFR.
Eliminate Gluten from your diet – especially wheat.
Eliminate or reduce Dairy from your diet. If you must have dairy, use Goat milk.
Sauna or sweat somehow (epsom salt baths, sports, yoga..) at least once to three times a week.
Limit intake of processed foods
Increase intake of whole foods and home-prepared meals
Eat the Rainbow of colors from fruits and vegetables – daily
end of copy/pasted paragraph  (there is MUCH more, go to mthfr.net to see)

Methylation is reduced up to 30% in individuals with 1 copy c677t, and up to 70% in individuals with 2 copies.  I am not telling you to stop taking folic acid while pregnant or any other type of advice, because I am just learning about this myself.  But MANY doctors out there ARE NOT EDUCATED about MTHFR and YOU NEED TO EDUCATE YOURSELF so you can ask your doctor about what is best for your unborn baby, and feel comfortable about their knowledge and their answers to your important questions.  
I hope for great health in all of your babies, and yourselves!
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Thank you for sharing, Teri! I'm very sorry to hear about your daughter's stillborn. I hope she is blessed with a healthy, normal pregnancy next time. By the way, I don't have MTHFR, but I do have Factor V Leiden (heterozygote), and had to be on blood-thinning shots during both my pregnancies.
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Thanks for your reply!  The MTHFR has been my main focus because of it's relation to all of the pregnancy complications talked about on mthfr.net and my stillborn granddaughter.  I do need to expand my searching to include the Factor V Leiden.  I also have one perfectly normal and smart 15 month old grandson from my other daughter who has the same homo c677t and Factor V Leiden.  I really think diet/lifestyle has a lot to do with the outcome of a pregnancy in people with mutations.  But....I have read a lot of posts where the mothers are eating healthy and doing everything right and they still lose the baby.  Much to learn!!  Thanks for your share on Factor V & shots, I will pass that info. on to my daughter.  Best Wishes!
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