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May IVF cycle support

Anyone in an IVF cycle that just started or starting in May? Why not have a chat/support group to keep each other going?? My embryo transfer should be around May 10th... Would love to share and have some support along the way. This is my last chance with a fresh cycle (using a donor this time) so I"m getting nervous. Thanks!!!
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We will be doing our first IVF in May.  I don't have our dates yet but I am guessing transfer will be in mid-late May.  I should know more tomorrow hopefully.  Best of luck.  What protocol are you doing?
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Good luck with your cycle. My protocol is differenct because of using a donor egg. I'm on lupron and estrace (estradiol) now. I have been through a lot of IVF cycles so if there is anything I can do to help just let me know. Good luck tomorrow!!
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Can I join if I'm mid month?  Just kidding...I start my first IVF over the next few days. Transfer around 9th or 10th depending how i react, I guess...this is all new to me.  Good luck to all of us!!!! {{{{{{Super Sticky Baby Dust to all}}}}}}}}
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Yes SSBD to us all and anyone else who joins in!!
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Hello every one :-) I am now on day 3 of stims plus lupron I have a ER date of the 4th of May and ET on the 7th !

Hey laddies ! Just a little 411 about the gonal-f pen when you have given the last of the shot from the pen look at it for example the 300 iu pen has 415ius in it  I found you can use a regular needle and get 100ius from the pen after the pen will not go any more so I am saving all the pens in the frig and I will use them that way useing a reg needle if I run out !
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I am also on day 3 of meds........I pray it all works for us.
If reference to what baby4metohold said....keep in mind if your meds are open for more then 28 days they are expired & CAN NOT be used for the next cycle.  You want to check with manufacture prior to using.
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I am just saving them just in case I run low this cycle ! LOL ! I thought I said that ooppps ! So sorry !
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My transfer is also supposed to be on May 10th! :o)
I'm using donor eggs too..
We just did a fresh cycle with donor eggs and it was negative..
We have 3, day 6 blasts frozen...
Not sure how many to transfer? If i only transfer 2 of them.. and it dosent work..
then all i have left is the one frozen...
I keep thinking i should just transfer all 3 of them for better odds....(if my RE will even let me transfer that many.)...
But i also dont want to waste them all in one try... *sigh*
WHat would you guys do?
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HOw many embies did you transfer the first round? Has your donor ever gotten anyone pregs before? I totally understand where you're coming from... We haven't even gotten that far and I keep debating how many to transfer. The one thing to remember is that it only takes one. So.......  maybe transfer 2 and you'll have the 1 for down the road. Really hope this works for you!!!!
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Hi girls: I am using a donor too! Should be around the 19th. I have been on Lupron for a week and my sister starts meds next week!
We have had 4 failed ivf and 2 failed iui!
Good luck to everybody and I can't wait to see how the donor ladies do too!
My sis will be on the pen as well. She is bit scared but I hope I am helping. They say they will only transfer 2 to 3 eggs. My sis is 31 and I am 36. Keep us updates ladies!!
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I am starting my cycle soon...they said to call the first day of my period which is the 9th............how long till the day of transfer, roughly??  How many weeks do you usually do all the meds before a transfer??  BABY DUST TO ALL!!
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What a special thing your sister is doing. Does she have any kids yet?  How does your hubby feel about having a baby this way (with knowing the donor)  
Good Luck to you & everybody else.

I am on meds now so will have my transfer first week of may.
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Usually you are on stim meds for about 10 days. The first part goes by really fast because you go in for scans and blood work. After the transfer comes the "two week wait" that's where it gets really long! Good luck with everything! Let me know if you have any questions at all.
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That's awesome that your sister is your donor!! I'm sure everything will be great. I can't wait to see how many embies we end up with! My RE won't transfer 3 unless I can convince him I"m prepared for triplets... it's a tough call...
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Yes, 10 to 12 days is what they told me too. Depends on how well you do on meds. Then it can be a 3 or 5 day transfer. I got there once on my fourth IVF's, but the one egg that I had did not make it. The other three times, I did not produce any eggs, hence the donor route. Two doctors and a lot of money later, here I am.
Kricket: It took a while for my husband to come around to the idea of using my sister.  We have been trying for 2 years. A hard road. We have spent a great deal of time, pain and money (like everybody else) and we thought eventually, that having the same background and my sister was willing, would work for us. I think it is process either way with a donor. This is not an overnight decison and not easy, like everything we all go through on this site.
She does have a 5 year old daughter already and they are not sure if anymore kids are in the picture for them.
I am lucky that she is willing and we will see if works out.
No bad side effects from Lupron so far, so that is good.

Trying: Yes, he said 2 for me maybe three depends on the grades of the eggs. I just think why not put more in, but they will not go for it! :) I just want a baby so bad now... Everybody does not know what I am doing except for my sis, they just think I am doing another IVF. So its nice to talk to you all.
WISH you all the best and updates please... it makes me feel like we are all in the same boat!
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Hi!  I am new to this group and was reading through everybodys post.  Right now I am a week away from my beta test from a cryo transfer.  I have had 3 prior transfer with fresh embryos with no sucess.  I am not sure how this last transfer will turn out, hoping for the best, but I know how it goes. Our next option will most likely be egg donor since I have unexplained infertility.  My sister is going to (if everything is good) donate her eggs to help us.  She has four children, but tubes are tied and she is 33 (I am 31).  Can you provide some insite on how this donor process works with a relative?  I haven't talked with my doctor yet because I am still waiting for my results, but would like to be a little prepared with questions when I do.  I appreciate any advice, and good luck to everyone!!  Thank you!
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Great, I started taking stims last week. First ivf for us.  I will be going in for ER either May 3rd or May 4th. My husband is a little too excited about the progestrone shots he will have to give me. lol. So soon I will be more familiar with all the abbreviations I see around here! SSBD to everyone!
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Hi Jac:
Well I feel for you. It has been a long process for me as well.
Over two years and now we decided on my sister.
The order below may differ due to your state and state practices…
The 1st process is to meet with your doctor and your sister and both husbands (if there is partners in the picture). The doctor will want to make sure you all of sound mind and everybody is really ok with this option.
Then you might need a lawyer, both parties, this depends on the law of the state. You would just need a letter stating that each is aware of the ramifications of the procedure.
Then there are tests for your sister, not as many as what you properly did,
Those tests take about month,  due to the results being returned. IF she had genetic testing fairly recently then she does not need to do that one and it will save you money and time. Hopefully she will be a candidate after the tests. And it’s not  plain yes she passed and no she did not. They way out numbers and tests and the doctor will discuss with you.
Then you meet again for everything and set up a plan.
You would be on some meds and you and your sister will properly be on BC pills to synch you both up.
Then depending on her numbers and test she could be on meds anywhere from a month to 11 days. The meds type and amount depend on how she did on her tests.
That is wonderful that you sister would offer.
Let me know if you have any other questions. My sister gets a check up on Monday and if everything looks ok she will start meds on the 8th
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The shot is not so bad. They make it sound worse than it is.
He will be fine. My husband hates needles and he really
maned up the times we had to do it!
Good luck!!
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I am supposed to start lupron tomorrow, stims on the 10th and tentative retrieval on the 21st.  Hopefully the nurse will call in my Rx now so I can get it in time!  I had a dream about the retrieval last night - I had so many eggs they took a lunch break after they got 12!  lol!  I'll be happy if that happens!  Best of luck to all.
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Hi Everyone!  I will be starting my first IVF cycle at the end of May (I just started 3 weeks of BCP today.)  I would love to join in on your group!  
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That's a great dream!! Hope you get your meds very quickly.

Hope - Good luck with your first cycle!!! We're for you to answer any questions you may have or want to talk about how things are going.
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I will also be starting my first IVF cycle the middle of May.  I just ordered the meds and had my Sonohysterogram today.  Is it bad that I am not going to be on birth control pills first?
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B74 and all, anyone ever use Estrace vaginally?? Was told today that with my night dose of Estrace (I use generic estradiol) to insert the tablet vaginally. This is a new one for me... it's not even Estrace cream. Just curious.... Thanks
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