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Menstrual cramps or implantation?

I had my period April 19-April 26. I have a regualar cycle 28 days. Lately for the past couple days as of today I been having lower cramps all down there as if their menstrual cramps. I just had a period 12 days ago. I have been having sex for the last 10 days no protection with my husband. We have been trying to conceive for a year now and nothing. Could I be pregnant.  Anyone have any opinions. ?
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Im going through the same exact thing..Have you been checking your ovulation cycle
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I was fertile from the 29th - the 6th which is today and I my ovulation for cast was on the 3rd and I had sex that day to. I've been having egg white mucus these past couple days to.
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I in the same boat as well my last period was April 22nd and I ouvlated on May 4th in which I think that what it was cause I started cramping and I seen some egg white on my finger and me to I had intercourse on the 4th and the 5 which was yesterday and today I just checked and I still see some egg white and I'm worrying what's going on...
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well these last couple days now my cramps have became even more severe to where i couldnt walk until they go away. me and my husband tried to have intercourse and i started cramping really bad up there when he put it in. i dont know what to do. i dont now if im pregnant our not.
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Af is supposed to show in two days for me. I am actively trying to conceive. Maybe I am wrong but I thought implantation happens like a week before your period. Of course we are all different. Like for me my cycle started on april 10-15. Ovulation was around cd 17.so the cramping I experienced this earlier this week could have been implantation. U can google implantation predictions and get an idea as to when it may have occured.  Good luck, I hope you get your bfp!
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ill try and see these cramps are not nice.. lol thanks ill see...
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