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Metformin and Hungry all the time??

Has anyone experienced an increase in hunger while on metformin.  I feel hungry all the time and it was like this before I started the medication (last month).  I'm also having a weird sensation in my leg?  They said this drug will help with the PCOS and m/c's, but it's making me feel weird.
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I don't know much about the drug but I just read another poster below who said she had the opposite effect and lost 50 pounds since she started taking Met.  I forgot which post but I think it's titled something about problems getting pregnant and obese??
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WOW!!  I think I gained like 5 pounds while on the drug??  I am nowhere near obese, but have PCOS.  I'm sure my dh likes the extra weight, but the hunger is RIDICULOUS!!
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I've been on Metformin for clost to 2 year...PCOS. Other the nausea I felt nothing out of the ordinary.
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i have lost 10 lbs on metformine so i guess thats a good thing since i got PCOS i have gained over 50lbs. YIKES!!!!!
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I'm not familiar with the drug 'Metformin' but my RE has me on Aygestin (aka Norethindrone) for 21 days, which is basically like a really strong birth control pill twice a day and it is making me eat like an 'INSANE' person. I think about food all the time and can image literally shoveling food into my mouth. I've always been a thin person, but in two weeks, I've put on a serious gut. Thank goodness I don't have a scale.  I've never had a eating disorder, but right now I could totally binge and be in heaven about it.  I fantasize about eating. It is crazy.  
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One more little side note to let you know how out of control I am, the other night, i went to bed with a jar of olives???!!  Who does that?? I need an intervention!!  
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