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I was just curious who all has tried metfomin for fertility? I have mild PCOS, but i'm thin, so my dr originally didn't want to put me on it, since my pcos is mild.. but now we are trying any and everything to see if it helps.. so i'll be starting it tonight... What dose are you on if you've taken it? has it helped with ovulation etc? any success? does it make you lose weight or do you have to worry about getting hypoglycemic.. and what side effects did you have? thanks so much for any and all help! : )
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I have been using Metformin throughout this pregnancy. I have had 4 miscarriages previously, both late term and early misses. I also suffer from a bad case of PCOS. Excessive facial hair and everything. My OB prescribed Metformin for me in the very beginning. I take 1000mg twice per day. I am currently 17.5 weeks and my OB says that he could not be happier an dthat everything looks great. I also had a Cerclage done at 12 weeks as well to be safe. The one mahor side effect for me is excessive diarrhea. Also the baby has been measuring weeks bigger, so I will just need to deliver early. Metformin and a lot of prayer  I feel has done the trick this time.
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