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Micro IVF/Mini IVF

Can anyone tell me how to find clinics that performs Micro IVF/Mini IVF? I live in Kentucky. I have searched the web and I can't seem to locate a listing of places that perform these. Thank you for all of your assistance.
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I don't know if this place does, but it looks like they have high success rates if you want to call and see bethesda ctr for fertility in Cincinnati 1-800-634-1222..  I am going to another clinic in Cinci now, and if I'm not preg. after my last transfer 3/26, I am going to switch to them I think.  They look like they have awesome success rates.

Hope this helps and they do what your looking for.  
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I am doing mini IVF at a plce in NY Manhattan. New Hope Fertility Center. They specialize in Natural/Mini IVF.
If you do a search for Natural Cycle IVF you may find more clinics, if they do natural IVF, they usually do mini and regular IVF as well.
Good Luck.
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There are two in St. Louis. SIRM, and another clinic with Dr. Berger?  If you look up IVF in St. Louis, MO they will both show up.  
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