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Anyone else doing Microflare protocol? Or has done it and what was the difference in your cycles egg wise?
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Hey, you know I'm doing it.  I've read some good things on the net, some women seem to have more and better quality eggs, while others it doesn't make much difference.  I did the long course for my first IVF, but only got six eggs from seven follies.  I was on 300iu puregon, but I think I was over-suppressed as I was on higher buserelin, as I have a problem with premature LH surges and was worried I'd ovulate before egg retrieval.  But, I don't want to risk another long course, so suggested to my RE I do microdose.  They also use the antagonist for poor responders, but I can't do this one, apparently, as it seems it won't combat my premature surges, and my RE said the E2 level can't be monitored, but I find this a bit strange, but I guess it's true.  Anyway, like you, I'm hoping for better eggs.  I have a 4yr old boy, conceived first pop using natural IUI, and a 20mth old daughter, conceived using IUI with puregon.  I just don't understand why now I'm having so much trouble!!!!  Do you know what your FSH and AMH figures are?  Will you be starting your cycle with BCP?  
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Yes, I have read good and bad..so I was trying to get a real feel..of course "everyone is different". I just wanted to hear some positive. I don't think most girls even know what protocol they are on. I have posted this question a few times to no prevail. I have read while giving you more eggs, the "flare" can also damage the eggs. It can be a double edge sword. Any more eggs than one would be better for me. I also just finished the long protocol, it apparently over suppressed me as well. 1 egg out of 4 follies is pretty bad. I was upset at the Doc too. We were like, "I could have given you one egg on my own for free!" My FSH was / is 8.7 in Feb. I don't know what AMH is? I am currently on BCP, I have a RE appoint. tomorrow for a U/S, and if all checks out I will starting Meds I am guessing this weekend or into next week. Then they are guessing ER / ET ( If I'm lucky, knock on wood) week of the 11th. I'm glad I found this place..It's nice to have ppl to talk too that actually know what your going through.
Thanks everyone. :)
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Hi there!

It's great you're doing the same protocol.  I think it's true that some women don't know what regimen they're on, but after my first failed IVF, I had to get stuck in and do some more research myself.  There is way too much invested financially and emotionally to let the clinics lead us blindly.  What did your RE tell you about this protocol?  Did he talk about the antagonist with you?  That seems to be the way to go for lots of clinics (antagonist), but it seems I can't do this one due to my premature LH surges.  But I'm going to leave a message with my clinic and make sure.  AMH is a bit like an egg check, it's supposed to check for your ovarian reserve, and wherever you lie on the chart, gives you an idea (maybe) of the numbers of eggs you're likely to retrieve.  It's a very new test, and like all these tests, it's only a possible indication, the best indication still comes largely back to actual age.  I had an FSH of 8 last April, but it quickly rose to 10 in November, I was astounded, but I have heard that if you take an FSH test directly after coming off fertility drugs (which I had), this can lead to a falsely elevated level.  Who knows??  I wanted to ask you, has your RE told you at what size he will trigger?  I read for over 35yr olds doing microdose, the two leading follies shouldn't be larger than 18mm at trigger, but my RE ignored that and is going to trigger at 20mm.  There's so much conflicting 'stuff' out there, it's hard to know what's best.  
Keep me posted!!!!  And Good Luck!!!
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I think I did this. Short protocol is what my dr. said.   It took about two weeks, daily shots or gonal F and repronex. Then the trigger.  I was a mega ***** from the hormones, and really bloated tummy.  I ended up with 29 follicles, and of that 9 went on to grow and were frozen.  I did this because I have cancer and will be started chemo soon that usually damages the ovaries, so I haven't had any reproductive trouble in the past.  I'm a fraternal twin, so multiple ovulution runs in the family.

Unfortunatley I ended up with OHSS and am still feeling horrible, bloated, sick,  a week later :( but in the future will be able to have children from out Popsicle babies so it was worth it.

Good Luck
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That's what happened to me..I went along knowing nothing..la, la la..wham!! I thought maybe i should learn a little. I found here and a million other places for information. No, I have no ideal what my AMH is. I'll ask tomorrow along with everything else. I am guessing the antagonist is the "Long Protocol". Which I responded very poor to. My RE said there is 3 protocols, 1, didn't apply to me, wouldn't do me any good. 2, We tried, didn't respond. 3, trying now.  I also read the same thing about the 18mm trigger..I am going to ask that tomorrow too..seems like every time I ask my doctor a question about protocols and stuff..she always say's it doesn't apply to me, then I get confused..and do some reading, and actually 10 / 10 she's right. I guess in most cases..they know what they are doing..I guess thats why they are the docs!

I'll keep you posted.. Keep us posted!
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Wow! 29 follies! I would be so lucky!! However, sorry to hear why you had to collect your eggs. Prayers are with you!!
I actually said that to my doc after my failed IVF.."I dont care on the next one if i get OHSS, and I have to be in the Hospital for 2 weeks.." She just looked at me..I said "Sorry, that was me trying to be funny."..could hear a pin drop! Oh well.
I felt all messed up after my ER as well..actually almost a month later..I still don't really feel all the way right. I gained a lot of weight too..I feel like a monster..nothing fits anymore! UUgghhh..giggle..maybe I shouldn't have ate so much..hehe
Well hey, I would take some thawed out embies over none..so good luck to you!!

Hope you are CF really soon!!
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missienal: I did the long course with the pill - apparently this is the most commonly used protocol, so maybe this is what you did, as it would be the norm to start off with this protocol.  I was stimulating well last year when I did two IUI cycles, and in fact I had to have one cancelled as I grew way too many large follies, around 11, on only 75iu of FSH.  I don't know how after one IVF cycle I can be deemed a poor responder, especially as I was on a high dose of lupron right through.  But it was my decision to change protocols, I just want to know for sure the antagonist cycle isn't for me.  I've been reading up on it, and it seems to be the most in use for poor responders.  Like you, I've been told that a particular protocol wouldn't do me any good ughhh!  I've already used over $20K with one IVF, two IUIs, and one cancelled IUI, I know the odds are low, but I just want to make sure the clinic is making the best possible decisions for me - it's no joke spending this much money.  No money can be put on a baby, or the chances of getting a baby, but I just want to ensure the best protocol is being chosen.  I know it can be hit and miss, and our responses can never be guaranteed, but they're seeing women everyday, so must have some idea!!!  The protocols used at the clinic I go to are: Long course, with or without the pill, Microdose Flare, and then the Antagonist.  Please let me know what your doctor says about the size of the follicles at trigger, that is really important I think.  It could just be another piece of research that has been proven on a large scale, but there was quite a large disparity in the pregnancy rates for the over 35 group!  
Stay in touch!!  

summerluvr:  Firstly I want to say good for you, freezing those precious embryos - that is so important!  You are really strong to do that, what with having cancer, but in the future, it will give you a wonderful family!!  Take care, and I hope the OHSS symptoms go quickly!!!  All the best with your treatment!
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ooopps, I meant to say it could just be another piece of research that HASN"T been proven on a large scale.  (Size of follicles).    Hope you get what I mean!
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Doc's went good..no problems with the U/S today, so we are a go to continue. I asked about the trigger size and she said they are doing it at 19mm. I asked about my Overian Reserve and she just said your FSH was 8.7 in Nov., which I knew, but dont think it answers our question all the way. My lining is good she said..she said it will thicken up as we go. It is amazing all the money it takes to do this. My last round of meds were $4500 alone. Crazy. I read also that for women over 35 that most Clinics automaticly do the Microflare, which makes me wonder why mine didn't. But I will start 0.2 Lupron on Tuesday, tiny bit..just enough to keep me from O'ing, and follow that with 450u Follistim, thats all I am to take until trigger. Which will be Easter weekend ~ hopefully! I need at least 6 follies...please grow little follies....
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Hi thanks for the well wishes I am responding to my induction treatment well.

OHSS is the pits.  I was at chemo today my tummy was still insanely bloated and I could only wear low rise jeans so it can hang over :|, (also not be able to take a deep breath and the tummy issues),  then the nurse examined me and said wow you're not kidding you look 6 months pregnant!  and  shes tarted laughing how big my stomach is!

I went in to this completely unaware of how much you need to put up with side effects wise.  I felt really bad most of the cycle so I'm glad my dr. did the 2 week protocol. He chose that so that if it didn't work we would still have one more month to try again. THe daily early morning appointments are killer too getting up early to be probed and poked.

At my clinic 17mm was the number they told me for the trigger
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Hey Summer,

We also went into this blind..I just did what ever they said and didn't ask questions. I was also really bloated after the ER..the 2nd will be a month and I still feel a tiny bit of pain when I suck in my stomach all the way, or if I get up to quick. All the swelling is gone..but internally..not so sure. They should really warn ppl what to expect. I did tell my doc after the last cycle that I didn't feel educated on what was going on, she say's well just ask me, I do this all day..I was thinking well I don't, and I wouldn't even know what to ask really. I am actually going to go out this weekend and buy a couple pairs of preggo pants to get me through the next bloated stage. Now I'm getting smart!! ;0)

Good Luck All!!
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Well, I was lucky, I actually felt no affects whatsoever from the IVF cycle.  The biggest pain was definitely going for the early scans and blood tests, especially in rush hour traffic.  
I've been reading a lot about the estrogen priming protocol, so am just going to write a note to my RE, along with the info about optimal size to trigger for 'older' women.  He'll no doubt think I'm just an internet junkie and he jokingly asked me last time whether I want a job at the clinic, but we owe it to ourselves to be informed, as some doctors aren't totally up with the play, and many clinics do things differently.  Some things just don't add up for me, especially with my premature LH surges, from what I see, the microdose can cause elevated LH and inhibit stimulation, and compromise egg quality.  Anyway Missi, I'm glad things went well at the doctors.  If my RE still recommends the microdose, I'll most probably try it, and then for #3 cycle, will try something else.  It's all a bit of a gamble really, and I think it comes down to where that one (or two) viable eggs are.  By the late 30s, there are many 'bad' eggs there, but it's just a matter of being able to do a cycle where one good one crops up!!!  I hope!!!!  

Good Luck everyone!!!  I hope babies make their way to us soon!!!!
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