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Mirena out, now trying to conceive

I had my mirena out after having it for nearly 2 years.  I have pretty regular cycles, but since I had it removed on Dec. 16,  I had spotting either from taking it out..or it was considered a period.  I had different days throughout the month of spotting brown..and then I thought I was going to ovulate .  I had pinkish spotting on the 31..stretchy cm(didnt check cp though)  Now I have had several days of my cervix being high..moist..but on Jan. 9th I had alot of ewcm and decided to take an ovulation test and it came out positive.  2 lines same color..is good..right?  so I told hubby and we did BD and next day cervix felt really soft and high and still had more ewcm.  So..it does sound like I did ovulate hopefully..but what about not having a full blown period..does that matter>  Hope u guys can relate or help me out!  Thanks:)
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I had mine out in 2003, no periods, no ovulating.. no pregnancy :(  Wondering what meds you ladies take.. and how hard was it to get regulated?
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I had mine in for 2 years as well.. Once removed I had some minor spotting and then an actual period 3 weeks after removal..  It is possible to ovulate w.out having a heavy period..  It did take me 5 months after my removal to finally get pregnant.   best of luck!
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