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Ms D.

I start my period today and my cycle length is 25 to 27 days.
When would it be the best time for intercourses if I want to get pregnant?
Many thanks
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best way to find out is to use an ovulation calculator. You just plug in your last period dates how long your period last and what type of cycle you have (28 day, 34 day, etc.) and they will give you the week you are to be fertile and then rate the days to fertile to most fertile. There are also apps for your phone that can tell you. I use My Cycle.
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Thanks. I will definitely try that. By the way, would It be best to have intercourse  just the  more & most ovulating days?  I don' t really like bedding  hahaha is true .Thanks.
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Best time is to start a couple of days before your fertile week start.  (According to webmd sperm can live up to 5 days in uterus depending on the conditions)  Some suggest skipping the day before your most fertile day that way your partners sperm count is elevated! Elevated (more swimmers lol) sperm count = better chances of getting pregnant!

Best of luck!
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