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My chart seems so weird this cycle!  My temps are up and down every day.  And I don't remember them being like that before!  Does my chart look normal to anyone?!?
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Hey, your chart looks fine. Clomid is famous for making your temps higher or lower then normal, it affects everyone differently. Plus, you just got done with af, right? I don't take my temps while i'm on af b/c those temps don't really matter. The temps around ovulation are what matters, and when they are up for 3 days in a row then you know you ovulated. Don't worry about it girl, when you ovulate, it will show a temp shift.
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I agree with luvkayln...don't worry too much about your temps yet. You're still early in your cycle, and like she said, clomid can affect your temps. Some women even have irregular temps in a totally natural cycle when they're on their periods.

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I have plenty of charts like that :)  In addition to the Clomid, estrogen rising and falling in the follicular phase can do that to a chart, too. Perfectly normal. After o, it should steady out. Pre-o, it can look like a 4.0 on a Richter Scale, lol.
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Thanks!  Just wanted to be sure.  
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