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My first IVF at the age of 41

Me and my husband have been married for 24 years, we have 4 daughters and had a turbal 11 years ago.  We decided that we wanted another baby.  As crazy as that may sound we have been working on the IVF all this summer, with my first cycle starting on October 21st.  We had retreival on the 2nd of November with only 4 eggs.  3 eggs became fertil, on day 2 my eggs were graded (2) at 1.5 very good quality and (1) at 2.5 still good but with less then 20% fragmitation.  So with my age and the low number of eggs they decided to transfer the embros on Nov 5th.  Todays grades were great (2) was at 14 cell and 1 was ready to hatch, the other one was at 8 cells.  At this stage 8 cells are very good and the 14 cells are advancing great.  The clinic placed all 3 and I go for my blood test on the morning of the 16th....I hope for large numbers..:)
My problem was the tubal and since I have had 4 babys, I hope the worse is over and the blessing is next....

Has anyone been in this situation?
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Sounds Great......Good Luck to you.
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Thank you so much...still in bed..yuck, it's been over 24 hours..:)  Has anyone else stayed in bed for 4 days after transfer?
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My RE's place said bed rest upto 24 hours and after that moderate rest for 24 hours. Then just take it easy for rest of the week.
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My transfer was yesterday (Nov 5). I'm either in bed or on the sofa. I'll will try to stay in bed till Monday (three Days).
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Sounds good!  I stayed in bed for the day of the transfer plus the day after.  Then I just took it somewhat easy and didn't lift anything heavy until the beta test.  Good luck!
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It's a long trip ain't it?  :)  I wish you the best...
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How are you doing? I'm ok, It is just hard to not do anything.
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it is a hard thing to just sit, thank goodness for my lap top...I have a all time score on facebook...lol  
Looks like we are a day apart...I know my butt is killing me...either from the shots or from laying in bed with 20 pillows behind me...lol  My husband has decided he doesnt like doing the laundry...lol  and he's in bed with me, saying how tired he is...lol
What have you been doing to pass the time?
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I've been doing the same exact things.
I'm so glad I have my lap top too, I don't know what I will do without it. I'm usually not very active on Face book, but in the last few days I must have checked it thousands times and I downloaded ton of pictures. My butt is killing me too. My husband is not doing any dishes, I can't look at my sink.
Today I'm up, but I'm going to take it easy, my 3 years old daughter decided to get up at 5 am, and my husband is back to work.

Have a good day
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you should have got paper plates..lol
I've played games I would never even look at...lol
today I got up at 4:30 am and I couldn't do it any longer....I got up and went down stairs to my home office and did some paperwork...and I havent been back in bed yet...feels great, it's only the 2nd time I've been out of bed for any lenght of time since Friday....whooot whoooot....I even took a mild temp bath this am...(my husband only wanted me to take luke warm showers) IDK why?  but I feel good today, ready for a nap soon, but only cause I think I should....
Is this your first time with IVF?
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My daughter woke me up around 4:30 am, and we were up by 5 am. it never happened she usually sleeps till 7 am, but she skipped her nap yest, and went to bed too early.

Yes it is my first cycle. I had a bad miscarriage last summer and I got scar in my uterus after the 2 D&Cs. It was supposed to be a normal D&C but the doctor screw up, and I had a second D&C. Than the scar. Buat my new doc fixed it. Will see if it worked.

Have a good day
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