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My story... one blocked tube...

Ok girls, here's my story... I've never posted on this site, but have been stalking it for quite sometime.  I'm VERY sad and just wanted to share.  None of my close friends seem to understand, because they've all conceived successfully within a few months.  I feel I have NO ONE to talk to about this, besides my husband. --- I'm 31 and my husband (who's 33) and I have been TTC for going on 15 months.  After a year of continual disappointment, I finally had an HSG done on the 10th of January, only to be even more disappointed.  I have a blocked fallopian tube (left side).  My OBGYN suggests that we just keep trying for at least another 6-8 months.  He says my chances of conceiving with only one tube within 2 years is 90%.  Has anyone else ever been told this?  He did suggest we get a second opinion and I do have an appt with a specialist next Wednesday.  My husband only wants to wait about 3 more months (b/c of the increased fertility after HSG) and if it hasn't happened by then, he wants to go the IUI route.  I don't know much about the IUI's, but what I do know, is that my insurance doesn't cover infertility!  We're already out $1700 for the HSG!  I've been very depressed and need someone to give me a little ray of hope/advice.  Currently on CD 8.  I ovulate fine.  Progesterone is fine.  Husband's little guys are fine.  Only problem that I know of - my one tube.  This sux.  You guys seem to do a pretty good job of keeping each other sane.  It's been great reading everyone's stories, so I just wanted to share.  
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I know for a fact I've read SEVERAL posts on here of women who only have one tube and have gone on to have multiple pregnancies.  There's no harm in getting that second opinion, but you're definitely still more than capable of conceiving.  Try not to get too down, the greatest things come from the most difficult obstacles.
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Yeah, I think you have a good chance to conceive since the ovaries seem to alternate when they release eggs even though there's no set pattern.  I've read that even if you ovulate from the opposite ovary, the other side could still suck in the egg to go through that tube.  It's amazing and I don't know how but I do remember reading it.  I just read where a woman had 8 kids and only had one tube.  I think that was on twoweekwait.com.

Good luck!!  
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I only have one ovary and one tube that worth anything.  I was told on an HSG that the good one (one near the ovary) was blocked (proximally - that is nearest to the opening at the uterus).  Anyway I got pregnant after that diagnosis two months later (unfortunately miscarriage).  

Prior to that pregnancy again with just ONE ovary.  I got pregnant in 1989 and 1995.  

Therefore, you should be okay.   I think, however, you alternate ovulation from ovaries.  One time it will be on the side with the good tube and the other side will be on the side w/the blocked tube.  So maybe your chances are 50% of "normal."  therefore, in your case, the 2 years would be equal to one year (which is normal for infertility possibility).

Did a specialist tell you to wait two years???

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Thx guys... I know it is possible, I guess I'm just venting more than anything.  I'm praying that after having the HSG done and with the increased fertility they say you have afterwards, maybe it'll work out for us soon.

YvetteY - a specialist hasn't told me anything yet.  I don't go to him until next Wednesday.  I'm going to have a ton of questions for him though!  My OBGYN told me to give it 2 years.  

The hardest part is that me and several of my friends all started TTC around the same time, and they have all already had their babies!  :o(    
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I would go to the specialist and see what they can do for you!!  Good luck!  
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Hey there i have only one tube and ovary left Mine is actually gone though due to Eptopic and i am now pregnant again waiting to find out if this one is ok so i know that it is possible and it will happen when it is suposed to good luck and sticky baby dust
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Just the other day I went to the fertility doctor who performed a vaginal ultrasound on me. I was told that I have some scarred tissue I am to go back on Friday to have another test performed to see if there is a tubal blockage. I am a little scared of the outcome a part of me just knows he will say I have a blocked tube and this is why I haven't gotten pregnant. But he also told me that it can be fixed if that is the case and he says my insurance covers. I have read that even with a block tube you can still become pregnant but to have it unblocked increases your chances. Have you asked about unblocking it to increase your chances quicker?
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My gyno mentioned that they could go in and "cut a hole" in the blockage, but he didn't recommend having it done right now.  He wants to stay clear of that, I guess there's a slight chance they could damage the tube even worse?????  We may end up having to go that route.  I guess we'll see what the specialist suggests.

Keep me posted on what you find out, ok?  
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I had a tubal reversal in 1991.  After 6 months with no luck they did the HSG.  My left tube was blocked.  We waited 6 more months then began IVF.  During the next 10 years we went through 5 IVF cycles and spent over $60,000.   We still had not conceived.  I was diagnosed with Endometriosis.  When I went in for surgery they had to remove my left tube and ovary.  I figured my chances of getting pregnant were over.  Three months after surgery I was pregnant.  My fertility doctor said that by removing the left ovary and the blocked tube it increased my chances of conceiving.  Because before the surgery I was only ovulating on the good side every other month.  Once the left ovary was removed I ovulated on the good side every month.  I had a beautiful baby boy and with no effort at all 3 years later we had a beautiful baby girl.  So don't give up because I'm sure you will be blessed with some little angels to.
made me cry
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hi there. my mums GP had five failed pregnanacies and managed to go on and have 5 healthy children on one tube. SO things can happen. Stay positive. And lots and lots of baby dust your way.
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I am 37yrs old today (yahooooo). I recently had an etopic pregnancy and I had adhesions due to my C-section 5 years ago with my son.  My doctor removed my left tube to the damage.  It has been 4-weeks since my surgery and my husband and I want to try again for another one. What are my chances.
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Hello every one!

i am sorry for everyones story!
i feel really depressed right now!!!

after 4 yrs we finally conceived our daughter (2nd girl in 7 generations-even longer story behind her)

well after her we were told to count our blessings that she would be our only, so we never took precaution to keep from getting pregnant in hopes to get pregnant.

i found out i was prego in November to be told i miscarried to be told no i am prego another long story -lol

long story short i just got outta the hospital from having an emergency surgery because i had a tubal!!!

talked to my doc Monday and he said my left tube has been taken over by endometriosis and my right tube where i had the tubal was also caused by the endometriosis.... he tried to save it by just taking out the embryo and letting it heal on it's own. says he can't garentee anything but he tried, that next time i conceive will possibly be by invitro....


since my left tube is toast and my right tube just had a tubal does anyone think i will be able to conceive again without using invetro??

and how much does each session of invetro typically cost??


My heart goes out to you all!!!!! this is sooooo heartbreaking!

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I also have a blocked tube (my right one)  my dh and i have been ttc for 2 yrs w/ no luck.  we started w/ a fertility specialist about 4 months ago.  I've been on clomid for 5 months and attempted 2 IUI's both of which I was producing the bigger follicles on the side I have blocked =(  We only actually went thru w/ 1 of them because of this (we didn't even want to do the one) It looks like my dominant ovary is on the side that is blocked... it looks like ivf might be our only hope =(  
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i wish you the best of luck!

i guess i am a lil lucky, because my dominate ovary is on my right side but now having had that tubal, i am unsure if that makes any difference.....

just know you aren't the only one out there that has to walk this path to conceive a child!
yeah, i am one to give up lifting advice -lol- when i am sitting here soooo depressed right now, wish i could listen to my positive side.

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Ya that positive sure is hard to listen too lol... i have a hard time listening to it too!  I have been pretty sad the last few days and I don't want this to consume me but it's hard not to!!!
I hope your able to conceive still w/o ivf!  I actually think that might be our route soon because I'm so impatient and I've been pretty depressed lately!  I just want a baby so badly!  IVF is pretty expensive too and our insurance doesn't cover anything so knows when we'll get to actually do it! Do you know if your tube was blocked when you had you daughter?
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I have a blocked tube and my dominant side is the open side and we tried IUI 6 times with no success (I have poor egg quality) but all of the eggs did come from the dominant side. We just did IVF and the other side produced 5 of the 7 eggs so it can switch.  My news isn't so good cause we just miscarried but the less domiant side can produce lead eggs.
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I am trying to get back up from this blow, but it is very hard.....i know there was nothing i could do but DAMN! i was this close to being done with having babies!

as for the pregnancy game,,,,been there done that!

took us 4 yrs to conceive our daughter we used clomid with no succes, the only thing good that came from that they had to do a laprascopty and found i had endometriosis badly so they removed it....4 months later no fertility drugs we conceived!!! she is my blessing from God for sure!!

the roller coaster of every month waiting to find out if that test is positive and getting knocked back to the ground when it says negative is truley just cruel!!!

Very much an emotional roller coaster.....i have to thank my lucky stars i at least had my one! just can't help to feel soooo upset and sad about losing this baby that woulda been perfectly healthy to this damn endometriosis!!

i guess we all mourn no matter what......

I wish you ladies the best of luck that you at least have one as i did!!!!

when i finally got pregnant with my lil girl we had given up hope completely!!!

said if we weren't prego in 3 yrs we would adopt and boom 3 months later i was prego!!

i know it is the hardest thing to do when you want something so badly but i truly believe i gotten prego by just letting it go!

my advice to you woman, is to relax (easier said than done, i know) but try to!

also a coinki dink i don't know but i would like to share it with you!!

Geritol (the old people vitamin)

some friend said that is how she conceived that a friend told her so i tried it and 3 months after taking it i was prego with my lil girl!!!!

this pregnancy i started taking it again and 2 months later i was prego!!!!

my doctor says it is just a vitamin but i am not sure, you tell me what you think.

best wishes to you alll!!

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oh and yes my left tube was actually crushed when i conceived my daughter!

but she came from my right as this baby tried =(

thank god she made it!

i sure hope i can have my one more but i said i was done after my lil girl...at the time i was thankful to have had one, now after that "tease" i want it so much more!
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Ok Ladies,
I'm new to the site, I had a daughter in 2003 with repronex and iui.  Perfect !!  In 2005  I had a eptopic and R tube was taken out leaving both ovaries and L tube.  Now I am trying again with IUI and Repronex.  I have had the test with the dye to make sure everything is good,  I got everything except the R tube that is good.  So I have had 2 months of Repronex and ultrasounds and I have only ended up with good follicles on my R side, with no tube so I have had to cancell 2 times.  I thought that the ovaries rotated monthly?  I'm ready to give up.
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Last summer, I was told that my left tube was blocked.  A month or so later, I had surgery, and my infertility doctor opened the left blocked tube, and widened the right tube.  I went in for my 6 month appt., and was told, that based on the HSG, my left tube was actually open and right tube had closed, due to scar tissue.  I was so upset, as I laid on the table, that I could have jumped up and slapped my doctor.  I felt like, if he would've left the good tube (right tube) alone, in the first place, both tubes would be open right now.  I had a serious break-down...

Anyway, my husband and I got a 2nd opinion, and were convinced that having the bad tube (right tube) removed, was the best option, and would increase our chances for pregnancy.  A month later, I had my right tube removed, and to this day, still nothing.  I try not to let this get to me, but everytime that "Time of the month" rolls around, I feel really low in spirit.  My doctor said that both ovaries are healthy, but the ovulation switches sides each month.  I never thought it would be this hard, and emotionally draining.  

I'm 32 years old, and if I can have at least 1 baby, I'm good.  Everyone around me are having babies without any problems, and most of them have SEVERAL already - nonstop!  To maintain my sanity and keep from having a melt-down, I do not attend baby showers, nor do I hold babies, or stick around when women talk about their babies/children ALL THE TIME...  I'm happy for them, but I have to look after my own peace of mind, by avoiding it all together...

I'm glad that everyone can come on this web-site and share!  I know how a lot of you feel...  
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i kow how you feel.  my good friend just tols me she's pregnat after only 3 months of trying.  i've been trying for 4 years.  i can't even talk to her.

i had an ectopic pregnancy last summer.  my doctor had to remove the tube where the embryo was.  after, we tried 2 ivf's, both failed.  now i'm debating whether to do another ivf or move on to donor egg or adoption.  
real fun decesion making.

once the doctor removed the tube, he suggested ivf, since i only had the one tube remaining.  i had already tried many iui's.  you're situation may be different.  have you tried an iui?  hopefully you could get lucky with that.  good luck.  and know you're not alone.
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I also can relate to how you feel.  Been trying for 2 years now and am on the 3rd pg woman in the office.  Then a few months ago I found out my sister n law is pregnant.  For some reason hers affects me so much more then the girl in office, just down the hall.  Hubbys parents have been all about grandkids (already have 2 by his sister) since we got married and his sister got remarried.  She is close to 40 and from what I hear (she didn't talk about it) she had fertility issues, but I have no idea what treatments she went through.  Last night we had a family dinner and I had to leave right afterwards before I started to cry.  DH rushed home after me to give me a hug.  I have no idea how I will handle this for the next 5 months.  I can't cry everytime I see her, it's just not fair to her.  I also can't call in sick the day after I see her because I'm too much of an emotional wreck to go to work.
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man this stuff is depressing its only half heartening to know your not the only one right?  I also have a blocked tube and am tired of hearing about other people getting pregnant.  I even hate hearing about the jolie-pitt clan and i hate being that way but it's so unfair.  If i can't be a doctor, a laywer, singer, or President i'm still supposed to be a woman RIGHT? That's the really messed up part.  Bearing children is what makes us women and I can't even get that right.  I hope i'm not makin anyone more down than they already are - but i'm right there with you wishing and praying.  My boyfriends sister has had 2 kids in the past 3 years - I've been with him for 7 and nothing - AND she is 3 months along now -SUX BIG ONES!!  He already has 5, its so unfair.  I try to show him I love his kids like they are my own but its not the same and it make me jealous more than anything; but depressing can hurt my chances so what do I do... take my eyes and ears out so i can't hear or see any kids???? sometimes i wish i could.
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