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Need advice What to do?

Okay, according to fertility friend I may have ovulated on CD 37, I have taken 4 pg tests: dollar store and first response all are negative. Currently that would put me at 19 days past ovulation. If I ovulated, I was on Depo Provera for a long time and it says it can take a while before you ovulate. I have been cramping a little the last 2-3 days like af is coming but nothing. I have still be checking cm and it is very creamy, white, and lots of it. More than I ever recall having seen. My cervix seems pretty high so I can't really tell if it is soft, firm, etc. I have a malady of symptoms lately such as breast tender but that they have always been like that around af and O day. 2 days ago I was so nauseous that I thought I was going to throw up but nothing since, could of been stress. I have been gassy the last 3 days, so not normal haven't been eating any foods that would do that. I am sooo very tired to. I slept great the last three nights going to bed around 9:30p and getting up at 5:45a. I know that my period should be here but the depo does weird things to a woman's body like going months with out one and then having one that lasts months. It is the really creamy cm that has me though. I have never seen so much of it. It's like there is so much that I have gone to bathroom to check and see if I started. I brought my chart to my last Dr. appt and he sort of blew it off. Wasn't my normal doc though. What do you guys and gals think?
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CM was definitely a sign for me that I was pregnant (I started having more creamy white CM around 3.5-4 weeks and it lasted through at least 6 weeks). However, it is possible that you are just now ovulating because of the Depo (since it does cause your body to be so far off for a while after coming off of it), so I would recommend capitalizing on it this time around just in case. Did you have CM and/or ovulation cramps around cd37, or is this is the first time this cycle? If this is the first time, I would start bd'ing just incase you are just now ovulating. Hopefully, however, you ovulated around cd37 and are having early pg symptoms and the test just isn't picking up the hcg yet. Make sure you test with first morning urine or after you have had your urine for at least six hours and consumed no water during that time so as to not dilute your sample. This increases the odds of the test picking up hcg in your system if it is there. Best wishes!
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If it is an indicator that I am fertile and the best CM I am getting is the creamy stuff. I checked again it is stretchy but only to about 1/2 to 3/4 inch then there is no way the little swimmers will survive. I had what I though was EWCM on CD36 and CD37 but I BD'd CD35, CD36, and CD37 so it could have been seminal fluid. My bbt went from 98.3 to 99.0 though and has stayed above coverline of 98.4 for all 19 days but last 6 days it has hovered between 98.5 and 98.7 still above coverline but not very high. Could I have a progesterone problem if I am pregnant? Any one have a hard time getting bfp with progesterone problem in luteal phase?
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I wish I knew how to answer that, but I know nothing about progesterone problems and the effect on hpt if there is a problem. I never bbt, but I thought that it was a really good sign if your temp stayed above the coverline for more than 14 or 15 days. I would say call the dr and see if you can get in for a blood test (even a urine test in the dr's office may be sufficient since they are so much more sensitive).

Please keep me updated on how things go. I am certainly crossing my fingers for you, and I really think the continued high temp is a good sign. Best wishes!!!
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