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Negative hpt 13 days post embryo transfer

I did not on days 10, 11 and 12 and they were all negative. Did my blood test but haven't received the results as yet. I'm so nervous. My period hasn't come and my doctor did an ultrasound. Can't tell much from the ultrasound. He only saw a tiny dot and says it's too early to tell. Pray for me please
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Oh gosh, I sure hope you were successful!  Fingers crossed and prayers for you.  come back and tell us!
I wasn't successful. The 1st blood test showed that I had hcg level of 23mIu/ml, 12 days after the embryo transfer. That was quite low so I had to retake the blood test 3days later. Those results showed hcg level of 5miu/ml which means it went down because I lost the pregnancy. I started spotting day 14 and had cramps the entire day.  The next day while showering, a little blood clot the size of a small cherry fell out. I knew it was the embryo. I continued to spot for 4days. On the 5th day, I felt extremely painful contractions and passed a huge clot. Was so big and gross. I'm still having extremely painful and bleeding (not that heavy) at day 9. Doctor said I had a chemical pregnancy. I'm so depressed because the process was so expensive and I had to drive for 8hrs to and from the clinic every other day plus go to work for the treatment. PRAY for me please. I need funds for the 2nd try and I don't want to lose my job because I can't get too much time off.
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Oh, I'm really sorry to hear this!  I hope it all works out for you to have a second round!!  Let us know how it is going!
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OMG, I'm sorry, honey, you're facing this. ivf path is never smooth and it is costly. Unless done not home. We live in France but moved for treatments abroad. Found it more affordable, and prices just well balanced with services. The thing I loved the most the meds cost was included into the package price. So we didn't have to find ways to order meds for the protocol. We passed 2 rounds. Apart from being old and fat! there was no explanation for why we couldn't naturally. I'm 40+, with ex partner ttc for 13 months without success. He didn't want to see a dr, so we broke up. Then another relationship, dh is amazing. He passed this way with me and was my rock of support.
I know how draining this process can be. Both physically and emotionally. And I lost my job during ivf#2 as had to be abroad more often than expected..Thanks to dh we could continue financially..I'm hoping you'll manage to organise things wise and things will be going just right for you. Wishing you the best on your way. sending my warm hugs your way.
thank you! we seem to be in a similar position. sigh! Instead of doing ivf again, i did selective salpingography and recanalization on my tubes. They were blocked and are now cleared. Im going ttc for 3months and if that fails, I will have to do ivf again. IVF should be affordable to all.  I give thanks I could afford to do a treatment. What about the many women that cant and are depressed. It's disheartening.
You're so much right!! Ivf should be affordable to all, but the things are like they are. We could afford ivf, but were looking onto garanteed programs to cover us from money loss in case it doesn't work.  Here I'm not saying they ''guarantee'' you a baby. But that they refund money in case you aren't successful after numerous shots in a row. This is an extremelly tough path to pass.
I'm hoping you'll catch your egg during these 3 mons. Keeping you in my thoughts.
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